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What Watt Lamp For Gel Nails

What Wattage Led Lamp Do I Need For Gel Nails In 2022

36w LED/UV nail Lamp Aliexpress, SUN5 36 watt, Ebay nail dryer

byKaren – Last updated on December 12, 2021

Hi there, welcome. In todays blogpost, I will be answering one of you ladies most frequently asked question that goes what wattage led lamp do I need for gel nails? All the information is right here in this blog post so make sure you read it to the end.

Lets quickly talk about the difference between LED and UV lights before we dig deeper.

  • LED lamps are more expensive than UV lamps. Which make LED lamps more long lasting.
  • LED cure gel nails faster compared to UV lamps. That fact alone is what makes Led lamps preferable.
  • One of the main thing that makes them different is the lights that they emit. UV lamps emit a broader spectrum of wavelengths whilst LED lamps emit a narrow spectrum of wavelengths.

But today our major focus is going to be on LED lamps.

What Is The Best Wattage Of The Uv Light To Cure The Gel Nails

When it comes to wattage, UV lamps vary from 12W to even 80W of power. The wattage influences the drying time and curing efficiency, of course, so the higher the wattage, the better the results.

Now, If we are to speak about gel nail polishes, the lowest wattage for efficient drying and curing should be at least 24W.

Anything under this wattage will be a risky choice.

They Dry Nails Faster

Regardless of what method is used for drying, these portable top UV nail dryers do the job they are designed for they dry nails faster than waving them around. One thing you will need to consider before purchasing a nail dryer is the type of nails you use. For example, there are different kinds of nail treatments that will only be properly dried with certain drying methods. Use this as your first guide before buying one.

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Sunuv Sun2c 48w Led Uv Nail Lamp

This fantastic UV nail lamp from SunUV is a cute and functional lamp! The smart auto-sensing lights automatically turn on once you place your hands near the lamp. They then immediately turn off when you remove them.

Four flexible preset time controls give you full customizable control over how long the lamp runs. The cute design is sturdy, and you can even choose a new top for the pad! Your nails dry quickly and efficiently so you can get up and go meet up with your ladies or your man!

Its perfect for any lady who loves cute nails and cute tools all at the same time!

Selecting The Right Uv Lamp For Curing Gel Nails

Artistic Nail Design Gel Polish Starter Kit with 30 Watt ...

Recently, a substitute of acrylic nails has come up they are the gel nails. These do not harm your natural nails in anyway. Gel nails are available in two types- one which does not require a UV light to be cured. They are also known as non light gels. The other kind is the one which requires a UV light. The ones that can be treated with the help of UV lights are commonly used by people because the finishing is much better, they look good when applied on the nails and they last much longer than the other nail gels. One of the important elements is the UV light which is used by most of the salons and nail spas.

Points to consider when you buy a UV lamp

If you want to have a good finish of the gel nail paint, it is advised that you use a UV lamp in order to treat your nails. If you research, you will find a large variety of UV lamps for curing gel nails available in the market. Certain points that you should keep in mind while purchasing a UV lamp for curing gel nails.

To conclude

It is very important that you do a meticulous research before you select a UV lamp for curing gel nails. Be sure about the type that will benefit you if you purchase it. Proper and regular maintenance of the lamp will last it for a longer time. Keep in mind not to stare at the light for a long time it will harm your eyes.


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Nailstar Professional 12w Led Nail Dryer Nail Lamp For Gel Polish

The NailStar is a professional design nail dryer with 12W LED light. It is a customizable design dryer with 4 timer settings. You can choose from 30s, 60s, 90 s and 30 minutes to meet different user needs. This is a versatile LED lamp with a user-friendly design. It is pretty easy to use and compatible with most gel polish. Moreover, the dryer is extremely lightweight and portable. It is pretty easy to carry and use anywhere. Overall, this is a safe dryer with safe light. It also comes with 12 months warranty for confidence and worry-free use.


  • No harmful light thus safe
  • Customizable due to different timer settings
  • Lightweight and portable thus easy to carry
  • Easy and safe to use


This is a professional design nail lamp with advanced technology. It is a powerful 54W nail lamp dryer to consider buying. It works fast-drying gel polish in seconds. This is an environmentally-friendly dryer with low power consumption. It is a safe lamp with a healthy light source that will not harm your eyes. The dryer features 30 pieces of dual LED UV beads for fast and efficient gel drying. Moreover, the dryer is compatible with UV and LED gel polishes. This is a power-saving dryer with an auto-sensor and three timer settings. It is a user-friendly dryer with an LCD display and a detachable magnetic tray. Overall, this is a quality UV light for gel nails with premium material construction.



  • High pitched humming sound when on

Lke 48w Nail Polish Gel Art Tools Professional Led Uv Lamp Light

The LKE 48-watt LED/ UV lamp light for gel nails is the last LED lamp on the list. It is another high-quality model that is designed for both professional and at-home use. It is designed with three timer controls and settings, and dries, cures, and disinfects nails in minutes. Since this model is designed with LED light technology, this LED lamp is designed to last with relatively low upkeep. It is also designed with UV lights so that it will properly cure both LED formulated and UV formulated gel polishes and brands.

The LKE LED/UV lamp light for gel nails is a 48-watt model, which means curing time typically only takes a few minutes. This is less powerful than the MelodySusie Pro60 model.


  • Available in three different colors


  • Less power
  • Curing can take longer due to less wattage
  • Design may not work well for pedicures
  • May be too small for professional use

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What Size Of Lamp Do You Need

Depending where you do your manicures, whether it is on a manicure or in your kitchen and also how quickly you want to get it done, you need to consider what size of nail lamp you need. Generally, they come in two sizes for one hand or for two hands. Usually, the nail lamps under $40 don’t fit the entire hand and your thumb is left to be done separately.

  • Some nail lamps can’t fit your entire hand. Look at the sizes!

Mylee Complete Professional Gel

Curing Gel Nails using 6,9,18 and 36 watt lamps

If you’re not up for going through countless stores and websites to equip yourself in entirety for nail decoration, this all-inclusive set is the right choice for you.

Mylee Complete Professional Gel set comes with one Mylee Pro Lamp, one Maylee prep and wipe 250ml, one MyGEL Base Coat 10ml, four 10ml the best gel nail polish, UK selection, MyGEL Gel Polish, one MyGEL Top Coat 10ml, one Mylee Gel Remover, and 100 Lint Free Wipes. How incredible?

When it comes to the lamp itself, it can be called the best LED lamp for nails, since due to advanced convex Curing technology, this lamp can cure any gel nail polish, no matter if UV or LED.

Furthermore, the estimated curing time with this LED light is only fifteen seconds, and the cured gel should stay intact for fourteen days. Imagine that!

Also, you might find important that the additional products, MyGEL Top, Base, and Colour Coats, have been tried out by salons and proven to ensure well adhesion and hi-shine finish.

Finally, the LED lamp comes with a two-year warranty, so you can freely purchase it without being anxious about the eventual issues and unexpected malfunctions.

  • Fast curing with a LED light
  • Fast nail dryer
  • Nail gel polish lasts for fourteen days
  • Includes a warranty
  • Compatible with any nail polish on the market

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Regular Polish Vs Gel Polish

The top reason people make the switch from regular polish to gel polish is to extend the life of their manicure.

Regular polish: Even a salon manicure using the best regular polish can chip within three to five days. It also takes significantly longer to dry than gel polish. Even fast-drying polish, such as those that dry in a couple minutes or less, arent fully hardened for several hours, often resulting in dents.

Gel polish: Gel polish dries and hardens in a couple minutes per coat, and your manicure can last for two weeks or more without chips or peeling.

But as great as gel manicures are, they come with a few pitfalls. For one, the gel polish can damage nails and nail beds, and some people are allergic to certain gel formulas. Theres also the risk of skin damage and premature aging from using a UV curing lamp. And removing gel polish can be quite a chore because it requires the use of a special remover.

Nail Dryer Uv Lamp Led Light For Gels Polishes By Sunuv

SunUV creates another high-quality UV and LED nail lamp! This particular model boasts dual wattage at 24W and 48W. Tailor your salon-like experience by switching between the two power modes along with three timers. Customize your experience to your hearts content!

Cut your drying time in half with this lamp! The 30 LED beads effectively and quickly dry almost any gel polish and builder gels. All you need to do is stick your hand in, and the dryer starts!

The SunUV lamp is of salon-quality and can be used in both personal and professional settings!

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Nailstar Professional Led Nail Dryer

This LED nail dryer comes with a sleek design and runs on 36W. Its made to be portable and lightweight and can be used for low intensity use at home as well as in a professional salon setting. Its made to be easy and safe to use. It also comes with a 12-month warranty so, which is a huge advantage especially for products bought online.


Never need to replace LED bulbs

Compact and portable design

Safe for the eyes and the skin


Wont fit one hand

Gel Nail Lamps 101 What You Need To Know

Gelish High Performance LED Gel Light 18 PLUS

So you want to re-create your very own salon quality gel nails and one of the best accessories any nail artist needs to own to achieve that high-quality shine is a Gel nail lamp.

There are many different varieties out there, with all their own features and qualities, so which is best for you? Well keep on reading for our complete guide on Gel Nail Lamps.

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How Portable Will You Need Your Led Lamp To Be

If you do your gel polish at different places from time to time then you should consider the portability feature of the LED nail lamp. It should be light, and not too bulky. If you travel with a lamp, it is a good idea to pack a small to a medium-sized lamp for ease of transport and there is more room for other nail items.

Usually, the lamp that can cure one hand at a time is good to carry around.

Bellanails Lamp For Home Or Salon

What we have here is one decently strong LED lamp, innovatively designed to support all sorts of creative nail work. Whether you need a matte finish or you strive to create a glossy effect, you’ll be able to perform it perfectly every time because this lamp works with all UV gel products.The first thing that ladies care for in a nail lamp is power. This fantastic BELLANAILS lamp is equipped with thirty-six highly efficient LED bulbs that are specially designed to last forever. It’s a 120W device with an innovative multi-dimensional reflective interior that allows faster curing and better results.LED lamps are provenly less harmful to the skin than UV radiation, and due to multi-dimensional design, your hand will be exposed to the bulbs even shorter than it would be on average, so it’s pretty safe.When it comes to the settings, there are four pre-set modes , and there’s also an auto shut-off option, perfect for the forgetful ones.Although this BELLANAILS lamp falls into the category of professional devices, it’s pretty compact and portable. It comes with a handle, so it’s super easy to bring it along when you’re travelling or planning to do your friend’s nails. There is a small display on top of the lamp, so you can always know how much time you have left and pre-set the timer in accordance with your needs.

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W Led Uv Lamps For Gel Nail Dryer

When it comes to this model, it represents the perfect fusion of high power and functionality. A real master among the UV and LED nail lamps.

With 42 beads dispersed inside. And a dual-source , 80W LED UV Lamps for Gel Nail Dryer is suitable for every nail polish brand, both UV and LED.

Furthermore, the light provides a curing time less than thirty seconds, which is three times faster than an ordinary UV lamp and almost the same as the curing time of the best led nail lamps.

As for smart technology, this UV nail lamp has four timer settings, and an auto sensor, plus, when the low-temperature mode is on, the output power will slowly increase, entering the painless mode.

Additionally, with the handle attached to the lamp, carrying is super-convenient while the removable bottom makes the lamp suitable for the pedicure and cleaning ultra-easy.

Finally, the led light’s lifespan is 50,000 hours, which means you won’t have to change it at all.

  • Suitable to every nail polish on the market
  • Fast polish curing time

Can You Cure Uv Gel With Led Lamp

Easkep 120W LED/UV Nail Lamp & Gel Brushes – review

Unfortunately, LED lamps cannot cure all gels. UV lamps, on the other hand, work with almost all gel brands. If you try to use a UV lamp for curing LED gel, you might need to decrease the drying time.

Its best to check with the manufacturer for drying times and recommendations.

Fortunately, however, most brands are starting to include lamps that utilize double light source bulbs.

That means they incorporate the best of both LED and UV lights. If possible, try to find a lamp that uses them!

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Can You Use An Led Lamp With Regular Nail Polish

If youre careful and very patient, you can.

LED lamps can’t technically be used to dry normal nail polish. But, those who want to make their favourite nail varnish last longer can put a gel top coat over it.

Before applying your top coat, always make sure your nail varnish has dried completely.

If the solvents aren’t fully dry, the topcoat could just slip right off.

Then you can use either an UV or LED drying lamp to cure the top coat.

This technique means you won’t be limited to the colour selection of gels and it should also come off easily.

But do bear in mind that if you don’t do it correctly , you won’t get the benefits.

How To Choose The Best Nail Dryers And Lamps: The Ultimate Buying Guide

A ladys idea of heaven is chilling in a spa as she gets her nails done with a group friend as they chit chat on everything and nothing. But one of the worst things that can happen when getting your nails done is smudging which not only wastes time but also messes with the final look. Theres also the issue of chipping which means regular trips to the salon.

However, gel polish application is a lifesaver since its quick and easy to apply while providing you with extended service. Due to the popularity of gel polish, the demand for best nail dryers and lamps that hasten the curing process has risen. Best nail dryers and lamps come in many designs and provide different curing processes.

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The Best Led Light For Gel Nails: Features And Benefits

One of the best things about the MelodySusie model is that it comes with a wide range of features, including multiple timer controls and settings, a broad base and mouth for larger hands and feet, and a high wattage output for faster curing and drying.

The MelodySusie Pro60W is a cutting-edge LED nail lamp for gel nails that comes with a number of features and time settings, ranging from 30 seconds up to 30 minutes, without overheating or burning the nails or hands.

So what other features and benefits does the MelodySusie LED Lamp come with that make it the best LED light for gel nails on the market?

Advanced Design: The MelodySusie 60-watt LED lamp has a sleek design, similar to the OPI LED lamp model. It has an open base and kickstands so that the lamp can be propped up and accommodate larger hands or feet for pedicures. The open base also allows for ample ventilation and minimal UV radiation, which helps keeps hands and nails healthy and cool during use.

LED Lamp Controls: One of the first things you may notice when using the MelodySusie 60-watt LED nail lamp is that the controls are facing the opposite direction. This is another reason why this model is best for salon use as it allows clients to control time settings and turn the LED lamp on and off as they desire.


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