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How To Detox Your Nails

How Can I Whiten My Nails At Home

How To Detox Your Scalp & Hair Using SALT Therapy To Make Hair Grow Faster-Beautyklove

How to whiten nails ? 9 home remedies you can use to get rid of yellow nails and whiten them at home Use denture cleaner. Use hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Use lemon juice and soapy water. Use white vinegar. Scrub your nails . Use baking soda paste. Rub lemon juice. Use lemon juice and baking soda paste.

Drug Detection In Fingernails

Drug detection in fingernails is not a stable measure as it depends upon the growth of the nails. It differs from person to person based on age, health condition, chronic diseases, drug usage, weather, ambience, etc. As we know, drug metabolites can accumulate in the nails for about three to six months, in some instances where people live in damp areas, the drug traces can get away within three months. However, in reference to the accuracy of the results, fingernail drug testing provides accurate results compared to the hair drug tests. It is because the fingernails do not have any pigments that can alter the drug test results. To be short, detecting drugs in the fingernails are more accurate with less moderation or alteration in final results. This indicates the fact that hacking the fingernail drug test is highly impossible.

The Secret To Detoxifying Your Nails

Gel manicures are a godsend for women. In about 30 minutes, give or take, you can have shiny nails that last for seven days or longer. But, the removal process is annoyingyou have to sit there and let your nails soak in acetone, which can dry out your fingers and sting or burn if you have hangnails or cuts. Some nail experts say getting gel manicures regularly can actually damage your nails others disagree.

While the jury is still out, its not a bad idea to give your nails a break from gel manis every now and then. When it comes to gel manicures, the way your gels are removed, how long you leave them on for and how often you give your nails a rest all determine whether or not gel can be damaging to your nails, says Sarah Gibson Tuttle, founder and CEO of Olive & June nail salon in Beverly Hills. Most salons remove gels in a harmful way because they are rushing to remove the gel and either file or buff the nails harshly. Or, a pusher is used to remove the polish, which can take off your nail bed, too.

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The only time Tuttle says you should stop using gel polish immediately is if you pick the polish off your nails. I tell those clients to stop getting gel manis. Its too harsh on your nail beds and picking the polish off really weakens them. I know its fun to do, but its awful for your nails.

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Cuticle Care & Nail Exfoliation

Here at ORLY we have a whole range of products just for cuticle care and maintenance. Our hero product is ORLY Cutique cuticle remover, this product gently removes dead skin from the nail plate whilst leaving cuticles soft and pliable. Think of ORLY Cutique as an exfoliator for your nails. By using ORLY Cutique cuticle remover before you apply your nail polish you’ll get a longer lasting manicure, as the products will adhere to the nail plate better. ORLY Cutique is also a fantastic nail stain remover and will help get rid of pesky stains caused by hair dye, fake tan and some food items. For best results use ORLY Cutique with our ORLY Cuticle Pusher and Remover – this professional cuticle remover tool does all the hard work for you and leaves you with perfect cuticles.

How To Use Body Oils For Your Nails + Manicure Detox

How to Detox Your Nails

After a long day or busy week, a manicure can be the self-care solution to stress. Although we would never discourage you from a little pampering, those mani-pedis may make your nails brittle and susceptible to breaks.

Most nail salons use acetone and other chemicals that can dehydrate your nails and skin. Consider taking a break from gel, paint, and removers by giving your nails a boost with our body oils, made with pure essential oils.

All of our body oils contain Fractionated Coconut, vitamin E and Camellia Seed which help soothe tired skin and improve the effectiveness of EOs. Try a natural detox so your nails can Do-it-all!

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Bentonite Clay Foot Mask

Just like activated charcoal, bentonite clay has been used for centuries now. It is also a safe ingredient for your feet detoxification. You can combine a ½ cup of bentonite clay, six tablespoons of ACV, and three tablespoons of water.

It is the perfect amount to create a clay-textured mask. Leave it on the bottom of your feet until the mixture starts to dry. Once it is craving off, you can proceed to scrub and rinse it off.

What Is Foot Detox

Foot detox is a procedure that claims to remove toxins from your body via the soles of your feet. It can be done usually by soaking your feet in an ionic foot bath or sticking several adhesive pads. This type of method claims to draw out the toxins and other heavy metals that accumulate inside your body.

Some therapists and proponents of the practice are claiming that the treatment can help to prevent high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, insomnia, and other diseases.

People who have undergone foot detox claim that it is possible to detox the feet with different techniques. It includes the ionic footbaths, foot soaks, and foot scrubs.

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What Does It Involve

Following a consultation, a vitamin C crystal treatment was applied to our hair, which was then wrapped in plastic before being put under heat for ten minutes. We were impressed to hear the entire treatment is 100% vegan and formulated without sulphates or parabens, making it suitable for even the most sensitive of scalps. This solution was then shampooed out before a mango kernel oil masque was worked into the hair to add gloss and shine after a final ten minutes under the heat, this was washed out and we were done. The entire treatment takes around 30 minutes, making it an ideal mid-week boost.

Natural Beauty: How To Detox Your Manicure

How to Detox for Your Skin | Beauty TV

If youre a fan of regular gel manicures, salon manicures, or even DIY home manicures, you may have noticed that your nails feel a little dry and brittle . The various drying chemicals used in nail lacquer and remover seem even more damaging now that the weather has turned dryer and colder . The following suggestions can help you reduce your nails exposure to the toxic chemicals found in regular polish and give you ideas for gentler ways of keeping your nails looking chic.

Nails looking a little rough? Need to detox your manicure? Read on for healthy nail tips!

Skip polish altogether! This one is hard for me, but I try to do it every now and then in order to let my nails breathe! Dont worryyou can go bare and still give yourself a manicure. First, trim and shape your nails and neaten your cuticles . Next, give yourself a buff manicure. Youll just need a handy little buffing block to work your nails into high shine.

Because buffing does make the nail slightly thinner, its not a good idea to do a buff manicure too frequently. In my experience, however, buff manicures feel healthier than a regular mani because your nails still get to breathe! Plus, you can massage a hand balm or body oil onto your nails and cuticles daily to keep them conditioned.

Priti NYC Polish in Alister Stella Gray Rose

How do you take care of your nails in the winter weather?

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Benefits Of Having Children In Your Life

Though being parents may change your life completely, there are also benefits of having children around.

1.Having children around may lower your blood pressure

Research shows that parenthood helps lower your blood pressure. Though taking care of kids may include daily hassles, it also brings a sense of purpose and meaning from lifes stress which leads to better health.

2. Having children around may keep your sanity

Research shows that having kids maintains your sanity because it gives you a motivation to push through in life. This leads to a healthy emotional well-being and a great satisfaction in life.

3. Having children around may bring you new knowledge

Research shows that people with children may acquire new knowledge. We all know that kids like asking questions like Why is the sky blue? or Where are the dinosaurs now? or How do birds fly? or When do I stop growing?. These random questions may stimulate your brain to think of plausible answers. It also makes you want to do research and learn new things to share with your child.

4. Having children around may increase your self-esteem

Research shows that people with children who receive compliments or positive feedback for being a good parent have an extreme impact on their self-esteem. This allows the parent to become more involved with their children and to do more.

5. Having children around may prevent you from going to unwanted social events

6. Having children around can get you moving

What Is A Foot Detox

Foot detox is a type of foot care that removes all toxins and all possible heavy metals from your body through the feet. Many people claim that this type of foot care will benefit the bodys pH balance, reduce the swelling, boost your mood, and an excellent way to relieve stress.

It is also believed to increase your immunity to any illness, aids in weight loss, improve your overall health, and destroy all harmful microorganisms.

Foot detox is open mostly for everyone, except those people who are suffering from an open sore or infection in their feet. They can all benefit from the relaxation that a warm soak will be able to provide.

It is a wonderful way to relax and rejuvenate after a long day to revive the circulation in the feet. It can also benefit people who are experiencing an athletes foot.

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Body Oil Manicure Detox

Step One: Use a plant-based nail polish remover to get rid of any excess paint.

Step Two: Soak your fingers in warm water for 10-15 minutes. Add a little Jojoba oil to the water for extra nourishment.

Step Three: For faster results, keep your nails short by filing them often. Only use an emery board on the top of your nails and file in a single direction to prevent snags.

Step Four: Massage body oil into your cuticles and fingernails and leave on overnight.

Step Five: Wash your hands and repeat steps until you get the desired results.

About the Author, Danielle De Guzman

Danielle De Guzman is the Social Media Manager for Edens Garden. Danielles background in the beauty industry sparked her interest in natural, non-toxic skincare and holistic remedies. Her passion for essential oils and people shines in her work and in her daily interactions with our EG family.

Why Should You Do A Beauty Detox

How to Do a Nail Detox

If youve never heard of a beauty detox, you might not even realize why its important. Detoxing is when you take a break from unnecessary ingredients or products. While there are probably a lot of different beauty products you use on a daily basis, you might not realize whats actually in those products. These ingredients might be harmful to your skin, hair, and nails! After some time, these products build up in and on your body and clog pores, harm your hair, and damage your nails. A beauty detox means focusing on healthy things that only benefit your body! This means your body has a chance to recover a bit from the harsh materials you use daily!

Doing a beauty detox every few months is a good way to reset your beauty routine. Its easy to get caught in a daily routine that includes a lot of products and chemicals. You might not take the time to recognise that some of your habits are harmful! A beauty detox gives you a chance to reset these habits and reevaluate your beauty routine. Are you ready to detox your beauty routine? Lets get down to it!

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Remove The Nail Polish

The first step to nail detox is getting rid of old, chipped nail polish using a gentle yet effective nail polish remover, such as the Lakmé Nail Colour Remover with Vitamin E. Infused with the goodness of vitamin E it does not make your nails look dry. Never peel your nail polish as it destroys the surface layer of your nails.

How To Detox Your Nails This January

15/01/2018 / Editor’s picks

Its January youre juice cleansing within an inch of your life and your 2018 skincare regime is officially in check, but have you considered how your nails might be feeling now that party season is well and truly over? We all know if left for too long without a little R& R shellac can hide a multitude of sins, so if you havent taken a breather for god-knows-how-long, it might be prime time to give your nails a well-deserved detox too. We sat down with manicurist to the stars Michelle Humphrey to show us just how best to do it

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How To Manage Your Life Around Your Kids

Having kids around is definitely not easy, but its definitely more meaningful and wonderful. When you have kids, you have too many things you need to do in a day. From bathing, cooking, laundry, shopping, cleaning to driving kids to school, and more. Your life will become more complicated. But if you can find ways to simplify your tasks, you will be able to do them all together no matter how many children you have. Eliminate the rest of the things that are not necessary and focus on the ones that are most important to you, such as making your family your top priority. Before we enumerate the ways on how to manage your life around kids, lets first discuss the benefits of having kids in your life. It will make you appreciate your life around them even more.

Key Steps To Detoxing Your Nails


In our first ORLY guest blog post our ORLY Brand Ambassador Lou Stokes is going to be sharing with you her 5 top tips for nail detoxing. You can also follow our ORLY Ambassador Lou on Instagram .

It’s January – the Christmas decorations have been put away, dry January has started and your skin care routine is officially on point, but have you considered your nails and what would be best for them? Theres no need to worry, we’re here to help. Find out our top tips for nail detoxing below:

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Tenoverten The Celery Oil

TenOverTen, The Celery Oil, $26, available at TenOverTen.

Infused with healing evening primrose oil, celery seed extract Neonyca that helps improve nail thickness, and strengthening rosehip oil, TenOverTen refers to this nail oil as a green juice for your nails. The non-toxic nail brand recommends gently rolling the pen along the nail beds morning and night for healthy, strong nails.

How Does The Nail Drug Test Work

The nail drug testing laboratories undertake certain procedures:

  • They collect the nail samples and wash it with acetone for initial testing.
  • If it is for EtG or PPFG analysis, then the samples would be washed with hexane.
  • After the wash, the nails would be dried at room temperature.
  • They are pulverized by the mini ball beater and they are calibrated.
  • After pulverization, the acid digestion is carried out 0.1 N of hydrochloric acid is taken at 53 degree Celsius to check for certain drugs like AMP, COC and selective opioids.
  • Sonication of the nail samples is carried out using methanol for two to three hours. The nail dust is separated and treated with 0.1 N of hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide for THC analysis.
  • If it is for EtG or PPFG analysis, the nail samples will be subjected to sonication in the de-ionized water for two hours.
  • After the above initial preparation, the ELISA testing method is used for preliminary illicit drug screening except EtG, KET, BUP, NALT, NAL, NKET, 6-BNAL, BTF, NALB and PPFG.
  • After the confirmation of the drug traces in the preliminary testing, consecutive confirmatory testing using liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry is done to confirm the presence of drug metabolites in the nail samples.
  • With these strict guidelines followed during the drug test, do you think that you can cheat the fingernail drug test without traces? That is nearly impossible.

    Despite the impossibilities, there are some hacks which could give you a ray of hope.

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    Don’t Ditch The Manicure

    Firstly, nail detox doesn’t mean removing your gel polish or your acrylic nails! If you’re happy with your gel manicure or nail extensions then maintain them. Manicures help protect nails in cold winter months.

    Our go-to for extra nourishment? We suggest using ORLY Gel FX – a unique vitamin infused gel polish that keeps your nails conditioned and nourished for optimum nail health.


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