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How To Get Stronger Nails

Tomatoes For Nail Growth

How to get long & strong nails

Tomatoes not only contain Vitamin C, yet it has high biotin content which guides the nail growth and strength and in addition it also makes them harder and more sparkling. Not only Vitamin C but Vitamin A is also one of the components of nourishes the crucial sound and sweet nails as well as promoting growth and strengthening of nails.

Use Nail Strengthening Products

There are plenty of products that you can use to make sure your nails don’t break. Dr. Garshick says using products like Vaseline Healing Jelly or any petroleum jelly-based ointment nightly will help trap moisture and strengthen the nail. She adds that it also helps keep the skin around the nailthe periungual areasoft and smooth this will minimize trauma and inflammation and help make the nail appear healthier.

She also recommends using cuticle oil as it helps hydrate the cuticle as well as the nail bed. Dr. Graf agrees and recommends something like ISDIN’s Si-Nails nail serum as it’s been proven to increase nails’ thickness, density, and durability.

Choose A File With A High Grit Number

Did you know every nail file has an accompanying grit number? It’s typically a tiny number stamped either on the packaging or on the file itself, and it conveys how coarse the board will be against your nails. The higher the grit number, the softer the file.

In terms of maintaining strong nails, you’ll want to go with a file that has a higher grit number . “You want something that’s just a little bit more coarse than a regular buffer,” says Lim. No need to go scratching up the nail plate, here. If you can’t find a specific grit number on your file, Lim says you can just take your finger and run it across the board: “You shouldn’t feel much friction.”

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Avoid Use Gel Nail Polish And Acrylic Nails

There is no doubt Using Gel andacrylic nailsare super pretty but sadly cause immense damage to the nails. Avoid them if they are not necessary if it is possible. This makes the roots of your nails weak. Also, your nails can be broken by this.

The acrylic powder contains a lot of chemicals and roughens the nails and causes dents in them. It also increases the risk of nail infection.

Keep Them Short And Sweet

How to Get Stronger Nails At Home

Round-shaped edges are less likely to break or suffer a trauma that results in cracking or peeling. So are shorter nails. It may seem counterintuitive to keep them short-ish if youre looking to have them grow quickly, but it works. If your nails are brittle, we recommend switching to a crystal nail file to maintain shape.

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Use Gloves Whenever Needed

Excessive hand washing can be damaging to your nails as constant exposure to soapy or hot water can soften your nails, making them brittle and weak. In addition, constant contact with water can cause nail splitting, which may lead to a condition known as onychoschizia.

Similarly, nails exposed to the dry winter weather often become brittle. This happens especially when temperature fluctuations occur while moving indoors to outdoors or vice versa. Your nails expand and contract periodically according to the temperature they are in. These repetitive changes can weaken the cells, making the nails prone to breakage.

Therefore, wear gloves to protect your nails from water- or weather-caused damage. Use cotton-lined rubber gloves while working with water, such as during gardening, doing the dishes, or housecleaning. Wearing gloves also prevents dirt from getting into your nails, preventing infections.

Additionally, make sure to wipe your nails dry after swimming or showering to keep them dry and prevent bacterial growth.

What Polish Removers Are Best To Take Off Polish

Côte makes an acetone-free remover in both a liquid and a towel version. It smells like natural orange oil, says Lennon. There really is no nail polish remover smell to it at all.

Both Kandalec and Ling Lin suggest Zoya Remove Plus. Its strong, yet non-drying thanks to just the right amount of essential oils, says Kandalec.

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Keep Them Short And Filed

It goes without saying that the longer nails are, the more likely they are to break. So you can avoid the problem altogether by keeping them trimmed and filed so that they dont grow beyond a certain length where they can peel and chip.

Speaking of filing, try to avoid filing back-and-forth in a seesaw motion as this can weaken nails. Instead, make filing strokes in one direction only and stick to it. Start at the outside edges and finish in the middle to help shape your nails.

Only file nails when theyre dry, not after theyve been exposed to water for a while. Filing them in their softer state will make them more difficult to shape properly.

Lemons To Strengthen Nails

Tips & Tricks On How To Get Long, Strong, & Healthy Nails

Lemons comprise of vitamin C which is most needed content for the development of nail growth and hardening. The component present in skin not only beautify it, but also treat yellow nails and gives them a pleasant sparkle as well as due to folic acid in it too helps in nail growth and hardening process.

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Keep Them On The Shorter Side

If youre having trouble with weak nails, consider cutting down the length while you build up their strength, suggests Dr. Solomon. Shorter nails are less prone to breaking because there are fewer exposed edges to tear, and less surface area where water and chemicals can be absorbed. Once trimmed, prevent snags by gently rounding the edges with a nail file.

Avoid Harsh Chemical Products For Nails Care

You need to be very careful while picking a nail care products. Because there are some Harsh Chemical substances found in them, which can make your nails damage. In such a situation, it is important that you take special care of your nail.

Also, eating with hands that have paint on its nails is not a good idea. It can also make you sick.

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Consider The Use Of Supplements

If weak nails are caused by an underlying nutrient deficiency, such as an iron deficiency, you can consult your doctor on the use of supplements.

The following supplements are often suggested to improve nail health and can be taken upon consultation with a doctor:

  • Vitamin B9. Also known as folic acid, vitamin B9 can be found in legumes and whole grains and is essential for cell repair and therefore in restoring nail health. Consumption of vitamin B9 supplements can help strengthen your nails and lower the chances of peeling or breakage.
  • Keratin. As discussed above, keratin is a protein needed for nail strength. Therefore, the use of keratin supplements and even keratin oil can boost your nail health.
  • Biotin. This water-soluble vitamin has been shown to boost nail strength. It is suggested to consume about 30 µg of biotin every day, and the requirement can be met with the help of supplements. Biotin supplements can improve nail health in 49 months of use.

Nourish Your Nail Beds

DIY Nail Soak for Stronger Nails

If a bumpy, ridged nail bed is completely ruining your mani, you might need to increase your vitamin B9 intake.

Otherwise known as folic acid, this vitamin repairs and multiplies the cells that make up nails, which speeds up growth and promotes overall nail health. It has also been shown to boost strength and prevent peeling.

‘Folic acid is responsible for healthy cell growth in skin tissue as well as hair and nails,’ explains Griggs. ‘A true deficiency in folic acid may cause discolouration and contribute to brittle and weak nails.’If you think you’re lacking, foods like beans and whole grains are rich in folic acid but you can buy folic acid supplements over the counter, too.

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Avoid Gel Or Acrylic Nails

Constantly using gels or acrylic nail polish can damage a persons nails, causing them to peel.

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, the UV light that people use to dry the polish also carries a potential risk. This is because UV light has links to both skin cancer and premature aging. The Foundation recommend applying sunscreen to the hands 20 minutes before a nail salon appointment as a preventive measure.

To help keep the nails strong and healthy, a person should take a break from gels and acrylic polishes or avoid using them altogether.

Do Not Bite Your Nails

Bite your nails is not just a bad habit it can also cause significant loss to the quality of your nails, and even impact your overall health. If you are used to biting nails it is better to cut short your nails and get a false nail that you cant bite a sit is made up of plastic. If you want to get beautiful and shiny nails stop biting your nails.

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Tip # 5 Clean Buff And Polish

Remove any previous polish and clean your nails well. File and buff your nails in only one direction and remove all ridges that can cause chipping. Always apply 2 coats of nail polish and a clear top coat at the end to seal the nail. Let your fingernails dry for 10 minutes before engaging into any activity using your hands.

Take A Collagen Or Biotin Supplement


“Pay attention to your diet,” explains Amy Lin, the founder of sundaysa nail care brand focused on wellness. “Your nails are made of proteins and naturally need a lot of vitamins.” Specifically, your nails consist of keratin, so it’s important to make sure you’re getting your fill of keratin-building amino acids. Two of the most popular are biotin and collagen, as they tend to be the most effective in supporting nail health.*

First up: Biotin has been shown to support thickness and firmness of nails in several human studies.* One study, in particular, found that those who took biotin supplements had 25% thicker nailbeds than the placebo group.* In terms of collagen, another study showed that when patients took collagen daily for 24 weeks, their nail health was better maintained, including faster growth rates, reduced breakage, and improved appearance.*

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Take A Closer Look At Your Shampoo

If youre using a shampoo that is drying or aims to strip oils , it might be drying out your nails and causing weak or brittle nails. Try changing up your shampoo for a couple of weeks and see if you notice a difference.

If youve tried multiple things for several weeks and havent noticed any change in your nails, see a dermatologist. They can take a look at your nails and ask you questions about your routine and overall health.

If need be, they can prescribe a prescription-strength nail treatment that can help to strengthen your nails.

Push Your Cuticles Back

As mentioned, cuticle care is crucial. But beyond oil, Lim mentions regularly pushing your cuticles back can keep them from overgrowing. “When becomes thick and overgrows onto the nail, it’s tough to push back. You don’t want to ever get to that point,” she says. “When that happens, your cuticles are prone to cracking and infection.” Ouch.

You don’t have to get too meticulous about it a great tip is to gently push them back every couple of days after stepping out of the shower, as the nails will be softened from the spray. Not to mention, pushing your cuticles back helps your polish last longerjust in case you’ve decided to go for an at-home mani.

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Protect Your Nails From Chemical And Uv Exposure

In case you didn’t know: Your nails can experience sun damage, too, turning them yellow, brittle, or dimpled. To protect your tips, experts recommend a UV filter polish that’s able to absorb the rays .

On the chemical front, it’s important to be mindful of any harsh ingredients seeping into your nails. You might have swapped your acetone polish remover, sure, but think about other ways your nails are exposed to chemicals on the daily. For example, if you have traditional dish soap in your kitchen, perhaps wear gloves while cleaning to avoid drying out the nails. “It might be a small step, but over time you’ll notice the difference in your health and the appearance of your nails,” says Lin.

Home Remedy Nr 8 Diet For Nail Growth

Best Home Remedies to get Strong &  Healthy Nails Naturally

A lack of nutrients is the most common reason for slow nail growth. Vitamin deficiencies make nails dull and brittle. A diet rich in vitamins, iron, zinc, calcium, and protein is highly beneficial for healthy nails. Therefore, having a balanced diet with fruits, vegetables, and nuts, but also protein-rich foods like eggs, almonds, yogurt, cheese, and buttermilk would be beneficial for making your nails stronger. Having jellies or other foods containing gelatin is also considered as a good natural cure for growing your nails faster.

You can always support your body with an extra portion of vitamins and minerals, as for example with our Zinc Capsules or our ZMA Capsules.

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Strengthen From The Inside Out

Along with addressing nails from the outside, all the experts we spoke with agreed that the right supplements can help strengthen your tips from the inside, out. One good option? Collagen. An essential protein for hair, skin, and nails, ingestible collagen peptides are easily incorporated into your daily routine and can help promote healthy nails.

“Collagen has really made a difference in the health of my nails. They feel resilient and stronger,” says Holford. Try: NeoCell Super Collagen Powder. Another good option? Biotin. The B vitamin is one of Tuttle’s top picks for strengthening nails. Choi adds that along with supplements, you can also get these internal benefits by focusing on incorporating biotin-rich and collagen-synthesizing foods in your diet, such as salmon, avocados, sweet potatoes, leafy greens, and nuts and seeds.

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Commit To Monthly Maintenance

Which brings us to our next point: monthly maintenance. Whether you opt for a DIY manicure or take a trip to the salon, a regular tuneup is key to keeping those tips strong. Your nails can tell you a lot about your overall health, so use that time to make regular check-ins as well. “When you take your nail polish off, check your nail color and the strength of your nail plate before you go ahead and apply polish or treat your nails,” says Lin.

If a bare nail is more your thing, Lim still recommends proper nail hygienethat is, keeping them clipped, cleaned, and filed. “Take your fingernail and raise the free edges to see if there are any snags, and you can smooth them out. That’s a great way to maintain your nails,” she says.

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Do You Chip Off Your Nail Polish

Many women have this habit of chipping off their nail paints when they are done with it. This needs to stop. If you want your nails to remain healthy and strong, chipping nail paints by fingers, teeth or anything else apart from a decent nail polish remover is a big no. This practice makes your nail weak, brittle and may also cause infections.

What Products Or Ingredients Should You Look For When You Do

Make Your Nails Grow Longer, Stronger, and Faster!! Talkin Tuesday

Look for non-toxic polish formulas and enhanced base coat formulas, which can be customized to any nail issues such as breaking, brittle, and splitting nails,” says Ling Lin. She also suggests adding nail care into your daily skin-care routine in the form of hand lotion and cuticle oil.

Kandalec agrees. Im a big fan of ingredients that are as natural as can be, says Kandalec. I love Dr. Hauschkas Neem Nail Oil.

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Protect Them From Winter Cold

The same cold, dry winter air that can hurt our skin and lips can also be punishing towards fingernails. Wear gloves during the cold winter monthsnot only do they protect your nails from the temperature drop, but wearing gloves can help prevent you from touching surfaces tainted with a cold or flu virus.

Youll also want to ramp up your hand and nail moisturizing routine during the winter to help keep nails strong well into the spring.

Consider Upping Your Biotin Intake

Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin B coenzyme that you can find in supplement form at health food stores. Dermatologist and NYC-based nail health specialist Dr. Dana Stern told INSIDER that an amount between 2000 mcg and 3000 mcg is the recommended daily dosage for biotin in supplement form. She also advises that since nails grow slowly, you should expect to see biotin benefits in 4 months for fingernails and 9 months for toenails.

What about other dietary sources? Dr. Stern says that its an extreme rarity to see biotin deficiency in this country, but trends like juicing can sometimes lead down that path. Naturally, biotin-rich foods include cold-water fish such as salmon, almonds, peanuts, Swiss chard, and eggs. Its definitely a plus when foods are good for us AND good for our nails.

It’s worth noting that not all experts are unanimous about whether biotin can actually improve your nail strength, so proceed with caution.

Virtually everyone has heard that acetone-based nail polish removers are bad for your nails. But Dr. Stern said that even ethyl acetate ones are still solvents. Its true that non-acetone removers are less drying, but all nail polish removers still dry out your nails to some degree.

If you must use them, Dr. Stern advises not using them more than once a week. If possible, take a 2-4 week break in between polish removals, because that step is far more damaging to your nail than the actual polish.

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