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How To Keep Nail Polish From Chipping

Maintain Your Nail Polish


As your nails grow, that unseemly line will appear where the nails grow further and further away from the line of the cuticles. Dont ignore that because it makes your nails look really unkempt. Rather than chipped polish or nails that have outgrown the polish, remove the polish altogether and repeat the exercise of re-polishing.

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Have you ever walked out of the nail salon with a fresh manicure only to have chipped nails by the end of the day? If so, we feel your pain. Like it or not, everyone who has ever painted their nails has experienced a short-lived manicure, trust us. If you already make it a point to be diligent with your nail care to no avail, youre probably wondering what it takes to get long-lasting nail polish. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to help your manicure go the distance. All you need are the right tips and tricks and a few tweaks in your routine. Want in? Follow along for tips to help you learn how to make nail polish last longer.

Why Does Nail Polish Keep Chipping

When you do it all perfect if you see the nail polish chip off your nails, feels ridiculous, isnt it? Why feel that way when you can find out the reason for your nails to keep chipping off. Take a look!

  • When you apply nail polish more than required it will end up chipping off from your nails. Due to insufficient space to breathe and dry, it ends up getting destroyed on your nails.
  • When nails are dirty and oily it can end up chipping off the nail polish. This happens because the nail polish doesnt stay on your nails.
  • If you are negligent and you miss out on checking the expiration date on your nail polish, it can end up chipping off from your nails because the formula begins to fade out.
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    Why Does My Nail Polish Chip Off After Two Days

    Most people do ask why there nail polish chip off after two days. It might be because of a reason or a combination of reasons as explained below:

    1. You are exposing the nail to water

    Water is good for the body but a great setback for nail polish on nails. Ensure your nails are dry completely before applying a base coat.

    2. Your nails are exposed to nails

    When your nails are exposed to things like lotions and oils, it will exposé your nails to chip and fall off. It is advisable to use cuticle creams instead or other moisturizing soaps before going for a manicure.

    3. You shake the bottle too much

    It is not advisable to shake the bottle of the nail polish because it brings about air bubbles which doesnt allow for equal application of the polish on the nails. This is one of the things that leads to chipping almost immediately you apply the polish.

    4. Dont paint the nail in a thick way

    Make thin layers, not the thick one. A thick layer doesnt give equal application and can lead to chipping off the nail polish in no time.

    5. Youre not using your top coat the right way

    Topcoat probably brings the best result when it is applied to the wet polish. When you do this, it enables the polish to enter the nail well and make it stick together to the nail bed.

    6. You are not allowing it to dry well

    How To Keep Your Nails From Chipping

    How to Keep Nail Polish from Chipping: 13 Steps (with ...

    Many people think that before applying nail polish, shaking the bottle will make sure to get the color evenly distributed in the bottle. However, instead of shaking it, you should actually roll it in your hands. Shaking the bottle causes bubbles within the polish which can cause spots and bubbles on your nail .

    Another tip is to make sure you apply polish to the entire nail, including the edges of your nails. Many people apply polish to the top, but don’t seal the edges. Instead, run the brush over the edge of your nail to put the polish over the entire nail it can help prevent chipping .

    It’s also important that when you get your nails done, or do them yourself, you don’t shower right after. Hot water tends to expand your nail beds and the polish moves right along with it. No one wants to spend $8 on a mani for it to only seem “old” because they showered right after .

    If you’re doing your nails at home, make sure you apply thin, even layers, and no more than three . Applying thicker coats of polish makes it harder to dry and also leaves your nails open to smudge marks and even smooshing from doing anything with your hands definitely not what we want!

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    Allow Proper Dry Time

    In general, metallic polishes dry faster than creams. And the darker the color, the longer it usually takes to dry. Make sure your nails are thoroughly dry before they come in contact with other substances, especially warm water . If the top layer feels dry but not hard , try dunking your nails in some ice water.

    Why Does My Nail Polish Chip In 2 Days

    Chipped nail polish is basically nail color than begins to fade off and chip from the edges of the nail towards the middle. Usually this happens after a few days or weeks depending on the formula as some formulas chip more or less than others. For example, if the formula is too thin or too thick, it will chip more easily than formulas of normal thickness.

    A nail polish will chip on average after 5-10 days since its initial application. If it begins to chip faster than that e.g. in just 3 days, it means that the formula or some other reason make it chip faster than it should.

    Besides the formula some other possible reasons that make a nail polish chip are:

    Washing or doing housework with unprotected hands

    Many women who do housework complain that their nail polish chips faster and this mainly due to using water/moisture, detergents, and other harsh elements when cleaning and washing which interfere with the nail polish pigments and make it chip faster

    Broken nails due to small accidents

    Even if you wreck your feet or hands even once chances are, your nails and nail polish will chip also.

    No application of base and/or top coat

    Very long Nails

    Long nails that exceed 1 ½ inches in length not only are a bit hard to maintain, they will chip off faster because they are exposed to environmental elements and accidents more than nails of normal length.

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    Avoid Using Hands Without Gloves

    Wearing gloves to do household chores is a good idea anyway, but an even better idea if you have just gotten your nails done. Many of us go to the salon and then come home and realize we still have work to do. Not to worry! Just throw on some gloves and protect your manicure from getting chipped or smudged.

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    Helpful Tips To Prevent Nail Polish From Chipping


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    Ive loved wearing nail polish for as long as I can remember. Theres just something so invigorating about all of those bright colors, and I love how put-together and sophisticated I feel with a couple of coats of polish on my nails.

    Am I alone on this one?

    I didnt think so

    Anyway, one thing that has been really bothering me lately is how quickly my nails chip now that I spend 75% of my day either cooking, cleaning, or sanitizing my hands, and Ive been starting to feel like its not worth the effort. But then I caught a glimpse of that beautiful wall of nail polishes at our local drug store over the weekend and I realized it IS worth the effort.

    Every women deserves to pamper themselves once in a while, right?

    So I spoke to the gal at my local nail salon, did some research online, and put together this list of 7 helpful tips to prevent nail polish from chipping, which have made SUCH a difference in my life.

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    Why Nail Polish Doesnt Always Last

    Its hard to know how to make your nail polish last longer when you dont know whats causing it to chip or flake. Our experts say there are several reasons, depending on the type of polish youre usingfor instance, whether its regular lacquer or gel polish. With regular lacquer, a polish may chip because it was placed on too thick, maybe causing it to chip as soon as it completely dried, explains Syreeta Aaron of LeChat Nails. constant rubbing on the polish, which causes it to wear thin, and then you begin to see through the polish. A gel manicure, on the other hand, might chip if a persons nail bumps against something, she notes, but other than that, it will stay putunless the application wasnt done properly.

    Reapply Top Coat Every Two To Three Days

    Its easy to think that once you seal the deal with a top coat, your manicure routine is complete. However, if you really want your nails to sport a fresh out of the salon look, we recommend stepping it up on the maintenance front. Make sure to reapply a top coat every two to three days for long-lasting results. This will help keep pesky chipped nails and peeling polish at bay.

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    Dry Your Nails With Cool Air

    Instead of using hot air, like your blow-dryer on its highest setting, to dry your nails, opt for a cool approach. Think about it: Your manicurist likely has a miniature fan at her station, not a small heater. It might feel nice but its not helpful for the life of your polish. Hot air can actually prevent your nails from drying properly, so use the cool air setting or sit your nails under a fan to get the job done.

    Always Start With Clean Nails

    Salon Secrets: How to Keep Your Nail Polish from Chipping ...

    When you get your nails professionally done, they always clean your nails with nail polish remover even if you had no nail polish on them. Why? Because natural oils will keep the nail polish from actually adhering to the surface of your nails.

    So, always swipe each nail with remover before applying polish. The Cutex Nail Polish Remover is perfect for this.

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    Avoid Getting Polish On Your Cuticles

    It’s easier said than done, we know, but do your best to paint inside the lines. A stray swipe of polish might not seem be-all and end-all, but you don’t want the lacquer to settle into your cuticles. See, the paint on your skin will come off quicker than the paint on your nails if your polish is sealed between your skin and nail, when the paint eventually lifts off your cuticles, the polish on your nail will chip along with it.

    But mastering an error-free mani is, you know, pretty difficult. Try this fail-safe tip for a smudge-free manicure: Before applying your base coat, trace the perimeter of your nails with an oily balm, especially working it into those cuticles. The jelly substance acts as a barrier between your skin and the nail, so if you smudge a little polish into your cuticles while you paint, it’ll wipe off afterward with ease.

    How To Keep Nail Polish From Chipping Without Top Coat

    One of the most unseemly grooming bloopers would have to be unkempt nails nails with chipped polish, frayed edges and scruffy looking cuticles. Your hands are among the most visible and noticed parts of the body and you owe it to yourself to have them looking as attractive as possible.

    Applying a clear top coat can help you prolong the life of your nail polish. In fact reapplying a top coat every other day will significantly increase the length of time your nail polish will remain intact. However if you cannot be bothered to do all this, keep the following in mind to keep your hands looking attractive and presentable:

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    Consider Buying A Strengthener

    Some drugstores will sell a nail strengthener, and I believe the brand Sally Hansen makes one. Buying a nail strengthener will actually strengthen the nail enamel, making it easier for the nail polish to adhere to your nail. It may sound like a bogus purchase, but people have had some luck with this.

    Incorporate A Hydrating Aftercare

    15 Tips To Prevent Nail Polish From Chipping

    To make your nail polish last longer, Sritapan advises taking extra care to apply cuticle oil and hand cream. When skin and nails are dry, it makes chipping very easy, she says. She recommends ProSpa Nail and Cuticle Oil and ProSpa Hand & Cuticle Cream. You should also check out Cuccio Naturalé Cuticle Revitalizing Oil, which has over 52,000 rave reviews on Amazon.

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    Chipped Nail Polish From The Shower

    Are you tired of getting chipped nail polish when you take a shower? I certainly am!

    By the end of this article, youll understand how I figured out why I kept getting chipped nail polishand youll discover the solution.Two years ago, after writing and publishing my book, What You Dont Fix Your Kids Inherit, I was tired. It had been a two year labor of love and I needed a break.

    I was drained and only had one question on my mind How do I stop getting chipped polish when I shower?

    What I didnt realize was my simple little question to eliminate chipped nail polish would lead me into a 14 day, 6 hour a day obsession. I had discovered the vast online world of nail polish and nail art bloggers.

    How Long Does Nail Polish Last Before Chipping

    Nail polish makes your nails stand out anywhere. However, it is heartbreaking to see it coming off minutes after fixing it. Ordinarily, nail polish should stay on your nails for a minimum of 48 hours. However, if you apply it the right way, it can extend for as much as two weeks without spoiling, chipping off or breaking.

    It depends on how good the nail polish ingredients are as well as the kind of activities you engage in with your hands all day.

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    Allow Proper Drying Time

    Nails take about 45 minutes of drying time before touching items, such as your keys or shoelaces. Upon a dry time, submerge the nails in cold water and add lotion. This makes a slick surface until the nails are cleaned.

    If you are wearing shoes other than flip-flops or sandals, wrap the feet in plastic tape for pedicures.

    Clean Your Nails First Before Anything Else

    Salon Secrets: How to Keep Your Nail Polish from Chipping ...

    When your nails are professionally done, you will notice that they use a nail polish remover first to clean your nails even when you dont have any nail polish at all. Why? This is because the natural oils will prevent the nail polish from sticking on your nails surface. Before you apply polish, make sure you swipe every nail with a nail polish remover.

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    How To Keep Nail Polish From Chipping In 5 Simple Steps

    Dont you hate it when you have a fresh and beautiful coat of your favourite polish on your nails and within the day you find cracks and chips?

    So annoying.

    If only you knew how to keep nail polish from chipping so you can have your nails picture-perfect for days to come.

    We want to offer up some ideas for how to maintain a manicure even when youre doing it at home. DIY nails dont have to mean chipped nails.

    Keep reading for 5 steps that you can take to prevent nail polish from chipping before youre ready to re-paint.

    1. Do Your Prep Work

    When youre getting ready to paint a house youre not just going to dive in with paint, right?

    Probably not.

    The house can be dirty or sticky. It could be wet or scratched on the surface. You need to get the house in good condition so you have a solid starting point.

    Your nails are no different. Before you start to paint you should ensure that your nails are clean, dry, and filed. They shouldnt have any catches in the tips and they should be free of any oils that could disrupt a good paint job.

    2. Lay Down a Base

    Too many people neglect the base coat.

    We get it. You want to get to your sparkly polish as soon as possible. Who has time to wait a few extra minutes for a base coat to dry?

    You do if you want to have lasting polish. Base coats can help provide a better seal and sticking power to your nail polish and some come with extra features like nail health and strengthening effects or even the ability to peel them off .

    Always Apply A Base Coat

    First, you should know that one coat of paint isn’t going to get it. First, you must apply a thin, clear base coat to prep your nails for the big polish job. Think of it as a primer, just like you use for makeup. The base coat provides the ideal surface for the polish to adhere to and will result in a smoother nail polish job. You should let the base coat dry for at least 15 minutes. If you’re like me, you might be tempted to skip buying it, but doing so will only leave you with shorter-lasting nail polish results. Spend the money for a quality base coat, such as Sally Hansen brand. You’ll be glad you did!

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