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How To Prevent Nails From Splitting

The Chemicals In Your Products Are Too Harsh

How to Prevent Wood from Splitting when Nailing

Certain chemicals and ingredients found in everything from hand soap and sanitizers to laundry detergent can dry out nails and make them prone to peeling, says Dr. Peters.

She recommends looking for products labeled hypoallergenic because they typically contain milder or natural chemical agents. If youre not sure where to start, she likes these options: Aveeno, Cetaphil, or Dove bath care products Seventh Generation dish soap Dove hand sanitizer and Arm & Hammer Sensitive Skin Free & Clear laundry detergent.

How To Fix A Split Nail

This article was medically reviewed by Luba Lee, FNP-BC, MS. Luba Lee, FNP-BC is a board certified Family Nurse Practitioner and educator in Tennessee with over a decade of clinical experience. Luba has certifications in Pediatric Advanced Life Support , Emergency Medicine, Advanced Cardiac Life Support , Team Building, and Critical Care Nursing. She received her Master of Science in Nursing from the University of Tennessee in 2006.wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. This article received 20 testimonials and 86% of readers who voted found it helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 580,025 times.

Having a split nail can be painful and inconvenient. When your nail is split, you always have to worry about catching it on something that could rip it even further. Thats why repairing your split nail is so important. Not only does repairing the split help prevent the nail for tearing any further, it also allows you to strategically cover up the unsightly split with nail polish.

Stop Submerging Your Nails

Contrary to popular belief, water doesnt hydrate the nails if you soak them for too long. Regular swimming and long baths, or washing up without gloves can cause peeling, explains Jessicas nail expert, Georgina Walker. Moisture penetrates the nail fibres, expanding and lifting them, which in turn results in flakiness.

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How To Fix Your Broken Nail

Heres a great simple and easy trick and technique to treat your split nail right away.

Step 1: Preparing Your Nail

To prepare your nail you need to clean it and remove any nail polish. You are essentially returning your nail to its natural clean state. Apply a natural nail polish remover to a cotton ball and use this cotton ball to remove your nail polish and any other debris. Be sure that your nail is completely clean. If you leave the cotton ball on each nail for 15 seconds, this should suffice so that the polish can easily be swiped away.

Step 2: Use a Teabag

Yes, a Teabag. Cut the top of the bag and throw away the tea leaves. Then, line up the tea bag to your nail and cut accordingly so that the tea bag matches the shape of your nail.

Step 3: Apply a Base coat

From here, you will then apply a thin layer of base coat to your nail.

With the base coat is still wet and hasnt yet dried, apply the nail shaped teabag cutout directly ontop of your nail. Ensure that tea bag cutout covers over your nail split. Smoothen the tea bag onto the nail and remove any air bubbles. Leave it 5 minutes whilst it dries.

Step 4: The Polish Layer.

Apply a thin layer of clear nail polish on top of the tea bag once it has dried. Again, wait for this coat to dry .

Step 5: File

Using a Nail File, remove any of the tea bag paper over your nail. This will ensure that the tea bag is only over the split part of the nail and nowhere else.

Step 6: Success

Repairing Your Split Nail

How to Stop a Running Split Fingernail
  • 1Apply a clear base coat. Paint a thin layer of a clear nail polish as a base coat. Be sure to cover the split section of your nail.XResearch source This clear polish will act as glue to hold the teabag in place.
  • 2Place the teabag on your nail. When the clear base coat is still wet, carefully place the rectangle piece of tea bag onto your nail to cover the split section. Gently smooth the tea bag out with your finger or a cuticle stick, to make sure there are no air bubbles underneath the surface of the teabag.XResearch source Allow the nail polish to dry for about 5 minutes.
  • 3Wait for the polish to dry. Wait for the clean base coat to dry, then carefully cut away the rest of the teabag hanging off your nail.XResearch source
  • It is okay to leave a little bit of leftover teabag hanging off your nail, because you can file it away later when it is less fragile.
  • 4Apply another layer of clear nail polish. Now that the tea bag is secure on your nail, paint on another layer of clear polish.XResearch source Be sure to extend the paint stroke past your nail onto the tea bag. Allow this layer of nail polish to dry for about 5-10 minutes.
  • At this point, the teabag will look see-through.
  • 5Remove the excess teabag. Once the clear layer of nail polish has dried, use a nail file to file in one direction and remove the rest of teabag paper.XResearch source
  • The nail file will help sand off any paper particles remaining on the edge of your nail.
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    Wear Rubber Gloves When Washing Dishes

    Not only is this common chore tough on your hands, it is also very damaging to your nails. Excessive dish washing is one of the most common reasons that nails become dry and brittle.

    If you have a dishwasher, use it. If you have to wash the dishes by hand, protect your nails by wearing rubber gloves.

    Does Everyone Experience Brittle Nails

    Brittle nails tend to impact people more as they age, Dr. Keskinen says. Our nails grow a little slower as we get older. Since it takes longer to grow out, the nail has more exposure to dry air, water and sanitizers.

    Dr. Keskinen says women tend to experience split, cracked and broken nails more often than men, probably for two reasons: Women use more nail cosmetics, and men typically keep their nails too short to experience breakage

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    You Are Not Using Activator Correctly

    Many people unknowingly skip the activator step either because they dont know what its for, or dont think its necessary. Activator is used to cure the powder and harden it. While it may not look like it does much on the surface, when you add activator over your powder a chemical reaction occurs that helps form the powder into one solid mass.

    If youre having issues with your dip powder cracking, the easiest remedy would be to add more activator and see if that helps. Try adding a generous amount of activator after each layer of powder and see if that helps with the breakage.

    How To Stop Nails From Splitting Wood

    Nail Health & Beauty : How to Treat Split Nails

    As we mentioned above, nails may split wood for various reasons. A common reason is that you may drive the nail too close to the edge of a wood piece. If the wood is overly hard or brittle, it may crack when you drive a nail into it. Or, if the nail you use is too heavy, it could crack the wood.

    Here are ten helpful tips that can help you to treat your wood better while driving nails into it:

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    Moisturize Your Hands And Nails After Washing Your Hands

    Water hydrates your skin, but dehydrates your nails. To compensate, you need to moisturize your hands and nails after every wash. Your regular hand moisturizer will do. As you’re rubbing your hands together, make sure your nails are being thoroughly moisturized as well.

    Gloves can help protect both your nails and your hands.

    Your Fingernails Keep Splitting Here Are Ways To Prevent It

    Split nails arent something to be happy about but theres always something you can do to remedy it. So if youve been looking for ways all over the internet to actually nail it for good then search no further because Ive done the hard work for you already. Below are distinct ways you can deliberately adopt to prevent and stop your fingernails from splitting now and again

    One of the obvious ways Ive found pretty effective is by keeping your nails moisturized always with moisturizers coconut oil, argan oil or castor oil.

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    Youve Experienced Nail Trauma

    Picking at polish, biting your nails, or using your nails to open a can of seltzer might not sound very traumatic, but activities like this really can cause nails to start peeling.

    While the exact mechanism is not entirely understood, generally speaking, nail peeling occurs when cell-to-cell adhesion is disrupted, says Dr. Rose. Our nails are made of many layers of compacted cells. The connection between one cell and other adjacent cells can be compromised as the bonds between them loosen. This is what occurs when the nail peels. The cell-to-cell adhesion breaks down and the layers separate.

    To prevent that separation from happening, Dr. Rose recommends applying a nail strengthener like Ella+Mila First Aid Kiss Nail Strengthener or OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthenerand be sure to use a gentle, acetone-free nail polish remover instead of picking polish off bit by bit.

    Common Nails Splitting Causes

    How Do I Stop My Nails From Splitting Horizontally? ~ Stop ...

    Onychoschizia can be linked to the aging process as nails can become weak or thick. Any type of cracked nails, such as vertical split nails causes, can be present months after initial damage. This is primarily due to the nail taking six months to grow to its complete length. The most common cause is constant wetting and drying of nails, but there are other factors to consider before attempting any treatment.

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    How Do I Keep My Nails From Splitting

    Our clients ask this question frequently. Split, cracked, or brittle nails can be caused by several different factors. Long-term exposure to moisture softens the skin around the nails, weakening the nail, causing splitting and cracking. While you cant avoid getting your hands wet, you can avoid overexposure. Wear gloves if you wash dishes by hand. Let your nails breathe for a while in between manis or pedis. Keeping polish on them constantly can also cause that weakening you want to avoid.

    Picking or biting your nails, or even the cuticles around your nails, will also cause cracking and splitting. The best way to deal with that is to deal with anxiety. One way to do that is to book regular spa appointments to de-stress and recharge. Getting plenty of sleep and eating well also help with anxiety, along with exercising at least three times a week. As always, stay hydrated!

    An injury may cause split nails. Crushing your nail tip or bed can result in your nail growing with a ridge or split-like appearance. Injury and weakening can also happen with fake nails.

    Fungal, bacterial, or yeast infections in the nail bed can change the texture of the nails, resulting in weakened and split nails.

    Specifically, the best six foods to eat that will not only promote good nail health, they will also promote good bone health, include: salmon, eggs, beans, oats, sunflower seeds, and green peas.

    Here are some tips for preventing split nails:

    How To Fix A Split Toenail Beds

    The best way to fix split toenails beds is to soak them in a solution of warm water containing salt. After that, apply a few drops of Neosporin to it. Do this for 3-4 days until the bed heals.

    PS: Always remember to wrap your toenail with wool and bandage to prevent infection from coming anywhere close to the injury.

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    Proper Care Is The Most Important Factor In Nail Health

    According to the 2007 report by Dr. N. Scheinfeld, Dr. M.J. Dahdah, and Dr. R. Scher from the Department of Dermatology in Columbia University:

  • Proper nail care seems to help maintain nail health.
  • No evidence supports the use of vitamin supplementation with vitamin E, vitamin C , vitamin A, retinoids, retinol, retinal, silicon, zinc, iron, copper, selenium, or vitamin B12 for improving the nail health of well-nourished patients or improving the appearance of nails affected by pathologic disease.
  • Brittle nail syndrome appears to abate with supplementation of a 2.5-mg dose of biotin daily or a 10-mg dose of silicon daily.
  • Find out how to identify whether your nails are weak or brittle.

    You might be interested to know that brittle nails are not the same as weak nails. They are quite opposite, but both problems will cause your nails to break easily.

    Dont Mess With Your Cuticle

    How to Prevent Wood Splitting Video

    You can prevent traumatic ridges by not picking or shoving your cuticle back. The cuticle is the only barrier the fingers have to keep dirt and infections out of the tissues of the fingers, says Dr. Shainhouse. Not only can an infection cause damage to the nail matrix and potentially deform your nail, but the act of pushing back the cuticle can bang it up, creating a permanent ridge template for all future nail growth.

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    Dermatologist’s 3 Simple Tricks To Treat Cracked And Splitting Fingernails

    #1. Hydrate your nails and add oils.

    Do this by using creams, oils and ointments on your nails every day after they’ve been wet. My favorite remedy is good old fashioned Bag Balm which is made with wool alcohol . Know that the thicker the cream, the better. Oil-rich products or ointments are best. The trick is to use something that stays put for a while and does not rub off right away.

    One of my other favorite hydrating ingredients for nails is glycerin. It is in my Dry Skin Hand Cream. This is a great product to apply to your hand and nails numerous times a day after washing. It is non-greasy and convenient making it easy to use. It’s important to moisturize skin and nails immediately after water exposure: applying moisturizers to dry nails is not nearly as effective.

    Always apply moisturizer within minutes after your bath or shower, or after washing your hands. Do it as often as possible.

    I love this hand cream I wash my hands so many times during my work day that they would be chapped and cracked if it weren’t for my Dry Skin Hand Cream. I keep it in my lab coat pocket! Dermatologist Dr. Cynthia Bailey

    Use the Hand Cream many times during the day and the Bag Balm at bedtime to create an intensive healing treatment to help keep your nails from splitting. If your nails are really bad, you may want to even apply Bag Balm to them numerous times a day after washing your hands.

    #2. Clip and file your nails when they’re wet.

    Add A Ridge Filler To Your Mani Routine

    Unfortunately, nail polish doesnt hide ridgesit can actually draw more attention to them. Ridge fillers, followed by nail polish, can help smooth out the look of nail ridges, says Dr. Shainhouse. Ridge fillers operate much like a base coat that settles into the nooks and crannies of your nails, giving you a smooth canvas to work with. Try OPI Ridge Filler next time you want to get your mani on.

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    Avoid Biting Your Nails

    If you want to see improvement in your nail health? Then you should stop biting your nails now.

    Biting your nails will not only render and makes your nails prone to splitting, but you may also ingest a lot of harmful bacteria into your system which might be harmful to your overall health.

    There are lots of actionable ways to nail this habit for good though but you need to find out what triggers you to go after your nails first. If you can identify that which makes you go after those nails then youre halfway to putting an end to this habit for good.

    Another great way to stop picking at your nails is by coating them with bad tasting polishes. This polish are best known as anti-nail-biting polish. They help deter the urge and some of them has a dual-action. What this means is, they dont only stop you from going after your nails, they also help to promotes nail growth.

    Still, confused on what to do to stop? Heres an in-depth article I wrote a few months back on Nail-biting. You really should check it out

    Tips To Prevent Nails From Breaking Splitting And More


    Rosie is a part-time health nut, a slightly aging but still fabulous fashionista, and a movie fanatic. She used to work in a nursing home.

    If your nails are breaking, chipping, peeling, splitting, or otherwise misbehaving, try out these 18 tips.

    Don’t you just hate it when you break a nail? What a disaster! If a nail breaks by accident, it’s okay. Accidents happen. However, if your nails are constantly breaking, splitting, peeling, or chipping, then you have a problem.

    You must take care of your nails diligently and with great patiencestrong, beautiful nails do not happen overnight. By following the simple tips outlined below, you can have the nails that you have always dreamed of.

    A nail brush can help you remove dirt from under your nails where it collects.

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    Help My Manicure Is Causing My Nails To Split

    Q: My nails have been splitting recently, and the skin around them is peeling and red. Could salon manicures be causing these problems?

    A: Yes! Cutting or filing the nail so that it arcs in the middle and the corners sit smoothly against the finger can predispose the nail to crack and separate from the nail bed. Letting the corners of the nail grow out creating a square surface may help prevent this.

    Many manicurists remove the cuticles, first by softening them with strong alkalis that break down the cuticles protein, or keratin. This, too, can cause inflammation and infection of the surrounding tissue and nail root. The best solution is to either leave the cuticle alone or have it gently trimmed but not entirely removed.

    If you get a French manicure, the under portion of the nail is often cleaned and smoothed with a sharp instrument that can contribute to infection and inflammation.

    Nail polish, which contains a lot of chemicals and colorants, can also contribute to contact dermatitis in sensitive individuals. This means the skin around the nail becomes red, swollen or peals.

    Nail polish removers may also be a part of your fingertip problems. They contain solvents that can dry the nail and cause it to develop brittle white streaks. Nail hardeners like the polish can also cause allergic dermatitis.


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