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What Is The Best Treatment For Splitting Nails

Nails Need A Little Extra Tlc In Harsh Wintry Weather So Try Our Pick Of The Best Nail Saviours

Peeling Nails Treatment & Prevention

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Our nails can become weak and brittle due to a variety of factors splitting, cracking and peeling can be due to diet, cold weather, washing up without gloves and poor nail maintenance.

Were also a nation of gel addicts hard gels have to be filed off, and soft ones soak off in acetone. Either way there is impact on the nail.

What Deficiencies Cause Hairloss

One possible cause of vertical nail ridges is aging. As you get older, your bodys natural oil production slows down. In turn, this lack of moisture can cause your nails to become brittle, thin, and prone to peelingand to form ridges. This increase in dryness can also show up in your skin and hair, too.

Deborah Lippmann Cuticle Lab Nail Treatment Set

You won’t ever need to step foot in a salon again with this cuticle treatment set in your beauty cabinet. Skip the oftentimes unpleasant nipping and clipping of your cuticles by using this four-step set. A cuticle remover gently exfoliates any dead or dry cuticle skin, while the oil moisturizes and soothes brittle nails. The ultra-nourishing cuticle cream is full of ingredients like shea butter and Vitamin C to help restore your cuticles to their natural healthy glow. If you’re ready to sweep on your next nail color, The Pusher will help shape your cuticles without cutting or breaking them.

BUY IT: $45

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Say Goodbye To Dry Peeling And Flaky Nails With The Best Nail Strengtheners

If you suffer from weak and brittle nails that are constantly chipping, breaking or flaking, a nail strengthener can really help with strength and condition. Many things can cause weak nails: repeated exposure to water, vitamin deficiency, or damage caused by gels, false nails or acrylic nail polish. Thankfully, the solution really is as simple as a once or twice-weekly treatment with a restorative and nourishing nail strengthener.

To get your nails looking their best for the summer, read on for our guide to finding the best nail strengthener, whatever your nail panic and, after that, find our pick of the best on the market right now.

Onyx Professional Hard As Hoof Nail Strengthening Cream

Splitting Nails

This product may take the winning baton. With over 30,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, buyers can’t stop raving about this hand cream. It’s packed with ingredients like jojoba oil, minerals, calcium, and beeswax for a hydrating and long-lasting formula. Pair it with your favorite clean nail polish, and see results in just a short month.

BUY IT: $7.94

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Opi Nail Envy Nail Strengthener Original Formula: 1753 Amazon

Extra calcium and wheat protein in this cult classic treatment rebuilds layers of the nail and adds strength to weak, soft nails or ones damaged by enhancements. Apply two coats when you first apply and add another coat every other day. After a week, remove and start again. We found these extra layers of protection also added bulk to nails that feel thin. Its a good one to use if youre not wearing any colour as it dries to a high gloss finish within 60 seconds, or it can be used as a base coat. Just a couple of weeks use and we found nails were starting to feel stronger.

The Organic Pharmacy Lemon & Neem Nail Oil: 26 The Organic Pharmacy

Nail strengthening ingredient neem and nourishing jojoba and wheatgerm do the hard work, while the zesty hit of lemon makes this oil a real joy to use. You only need one drop per nail we applied to our hands and feet every night and nails immediately look glossy and healthy. Three weeks in and the skin around our nails felt healthier, stronger and more flexible. Massaging the oil in helps with improving circulation too, especially on your toes.

Buy now

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Essie Treat Love & Colour: Best Nail Strengthener With Colour

Price: £8 |

Perk up lacklustre nails with US manicure brand Essies Treat, Love & Colour nail strengtheners. The nourishing one-step care and colour product is available in semi-sheer shades, like peachy Tinted Love, pretty-in-pink Sheers To You, and chic Laven-dearly. It gives a healthy glow to your nails, and your digits will feel as good as they look thanks to a detoxing formula that promises to repair, hydrate and strengthen. If youre looking for a pretty polish with added nail-care benefits, the Essie Treat, Love & Colour collection will be just the job.

Key specs – Pack size: 5ml

Price: £13 |

Your morning smoothie benefits from a dose of kale, and so will your nails. The Nails Inc Nailkale Superfood nail strengthener is all you need for healthier-looking nails that dont break or chip. Thanks to its potent blend of kale extract and Nails Incs patented Regenerating Complex, vitamins A, C and K immediately increase the keratin production in your nails for ultimate hydration and nourishment. Dont be alarmed by the sheer pale-green colour of the bottle: Nailkale dries to a clear and glossy finish. Apply a base coat of Nailkale Superfood on bare nails and then top it up every couple of days for stronger and smoother nails in a couple of weeks.

Key specs – Pack size: 14ml

Price: £11 | Buy now from Typology

Key specs – Pack size: 15ml

Price: £4 |

Key specs – Pack size: 13.3ml

Price: £9 |

Key specs – pack size: 15ml

Wear Gloves For Chores

Products for nail splits & stronger nails

When doing the dishes, cleaning and gardening, wear gloves. Detergents and cleansers are harsh on your fingernails, causing drying, spitting and peeling. Soil and gardening can also cause damage to your nails.

As Dr. Tanzi pointed out, the best way to take care of hands and nails is to avoid drying them out. Frequent hand washing with antibacterial soap is very harsh, she says. I recommend washing with a gentle cleanser, which will sanitize just as well as harsh products and a good moisturizer afterward to lock in the hydration. At night, a thicker moisturizer on hands with a rich cuticle cream will keep hands/nails looking great.

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Home Remedies To Treat Splitting Nails

If you have nail damage or nail bed issues, you can perform splitting nails treatment at home to prevent future damage.

  • Do daily maintenance of moisturizing and proper care for damaged and split nails
  • Avoid prolong exposure to water
  • Wear gloves when using chemical cleaners such as laundry and dish detergent
  • Use a gentle touch when washing hands
  • Increase iron levels by consuming lean meats, lentils, spinach, white beans, and fortified cereal products
  • Apply lotion to hands and nails after they are in contact with water

Dry split nails can be embarrassing and can cause damage to your fingertips if not treated. Common among 20% of the female population, splitting nails can be caused by improper nail care, environmental factors, and on rare occasions, an underlying health condition. You can treat split nail beds, prevent further damage, and avoid recurrences with daily care. Treat your nails as you do your skin and teeth with tender loving care and preventive measures to ensure strong, healthy nails.


Why Do Nails Get Ridges As You Age

One possible cause of vertical nail ridges is aging. As you get older, your bodys natural oil production slows down. In turn, this lack of moisture can cause your nails to become brittle, thin, and prone to peelingand to form ridges. This increase in dryness can also show up in your skin and hair, too.

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Nail Hq Protect & Repair: 499 Fragrance Direct

This easy to use clear treatment is the one to choose if your nails are weakened, peeling or brittle as a result of using UV gels or acrylic nails. Simply apply one coat to clean dry nails and reapply daily over existing coats. After five days, remove with a gentle nail polish remover and re-start.

We tested it for just over two weeks following this process and nails definitely felt more flexible and hydrated. The rice and soy protein add moisture and hydration to improve condition, in what we found was a relatively short time.

Home Remedies For Brittle Nails

nails splitting vertically


  • Lemon Juice And Olive Oil Soak: This soak will naturally penetrate through the cuticle to repair and strengthen the damaged nails.
  • Beer Soak: Beer has many natural friendly minerals which are essential for strong nail and hair growth.
  • Sea Salt Soak: This is a technique usually used in spas because they soften the nail cuticle adding in a brilliant shine.
  • Coconut Oil Massage: Coconut oil is an excellent nourisher and moisturiser for the nails, even preventing any kind of nail infection.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar Soak: Who does not have apple cider vinegar in the pantry? This inexpensive technique provides nails with the minerals they require.
  • Vitamin E Oil Massage: Like coconut oil, vitamin E oil acts as a moisturiser.
  • Tea Tree Oil Drops: It cures brittle nails caused by fungal infections. Note that you must dilute the tea tree oil with a carrier oil before applying.
  • Lemon Juice Swipe: Strengthening and brightening the nails by removing the ugly yellow stain left behind by excessive nail paint.

Tip: Most of these remedies should be tried at night because at that time the body is allowed to rejuvenate and repair itself.

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What Are Mees Lines

MeesLines are a change that occurs in the color of the nail with no palpable ridges, typically described as white bands traversing the nail bed, running parallel to the lunula across the entire nail bed of the individual. This finding is indicative of arsenic , thallium , or other heavy metal poisoning.

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How Do You Repair A Split Nail

There are a multitude of techniques suggested for repairing split nails. There are silk nail wraps, nail glue, and even a method using a tea bag, but thats only to help fix it cosmetically. This temporary fix will not help the nail issue long-term and could even make the problem worse. Trim the nail if you need to, and make sure it wont be a hindrance to your daily activities. Use a band-aid or even wear gloves when doing chores so the split nail will not get caught on any clothing etc. Once the nail begins to grow out and become more manageable, be extra cautious with the split nails. Apply a hydrating nail product several times a day and soon your nail will be restored.

Can A Split Nail Grow Back Together

Nail Health & Beauty : How to Treat Split Nails

This depends on how severe the split nail is. If it is extensive, getting close to or all the way to the nail bed, then it isnt possible. Thats when you need to visit your doctor. If you have minor nail splitting, as long as you take better care of your nails, then as they grow, they will heal and be healthy again.

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What Can Help Strengthen Your Nails

First things first, Dr. Lamb said to make sure you’re not vitamin deficient. A diet that lacks key nutrients like biotin, iron or magnesium can result in brittle, thinning nails.

Additionally, Dr. Lamb advised ensuring that your nail technicians are keeping their equipment sanitized and clean. She also mentioned that lacquers and nail hardeners are great for daily use. “Nail polish doesn’t always thin your nails it can act as a very good protectant,” explained Dr. Lamb.

Based on Dr. Lamb’s advice, weve selected some highly rated products for brittle and thin nails that you can incorporate into your routine starting today. Take back the health of your nails once and for all!

Deborah Lippman The Cure: 18 Amazon

Celebrity manicurist to the stars and go-to nail expert for magazines including Vogue, InStyle, and Elle, Deborah knows her stuff when it comes to keeping nails healthy and gorgeous. Say goodbye to dry skin around the nails with her soothing, repairing cuticle cream. Packed with antioxidant vitamins, we found it transformed delicate skin around the nails leaving skin ultra-nourished and hydrated. The nails themselves also looked healthier and felt more resilient to breakage.

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What Are Cracked Nails

Healthy nails are smooth, with no spots or discoloration. They donât have pits or grooves, although they may have vertical ridges. Nails that are cracked, split, or brittle can sometimes be a sign of a health problem.

Learn what causes cracked nails, and find out what steps to take to get the problem under control.

Causes Why Peeling Nails Happen

Nail Splitting Treatment
  • Too much exposure on nail products

As mentioned earlier, nails become weaker and sensitive the more different nail products are applied to it. Those products contain chemicals that can harm our nails.

We get addicted to nail polish that brings beauty to our nails but it actually tortures those tiny nails. There is a bad habit of us where we force to remove nail polish without using any remover and it really causes peeling of nails.

  • Changing weather

As our skin reacts on changing weather so our nails also.

  • Washing dishes excessively

It makes your nail more prone to peeling for so much immersion to water. You can prevent it by wearing gloves while you enjoy washing dishes.

  • Unhealthy nail care treatments

When you regularly clean your nail just by yourself, the tools used were the once already present without checking if it is surely appropriate or it can bring damage to your nail. Even putting nail polish on it often weakens your nail. So be sure that your nail care steps are also hygienic.

  • Unhealthy lifestyle

Not getting enough nutrients and water makes our nails easily broken. And also health conditions like anemia, dehydration, underactive thyroid, lung disease, and kidney disease can cause damage to our nails.

  • Unnoticed fungal infection

It may not found directly to the nails but is affecting the condition of it. A bit of gross but it has a remedy which will be discussed on the succeeding part of this article.

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Repairing Your Split Nail

  • 1Apply a clear base coat. Paint a thin layer of a clear nail polish as a base coat. Be sure to cover the split section of your nail.XResearch source This clear polish will act as glue to hold the teabag in place.
  • 2Place the teabag on your nail. When the clear base coat is still wet, carefully place the rectangle piece of tea bag onto your nail to cover the split section. Gently smooth the tea bag out with your finger or a cuticle stick, to make sure there are no air bubbles underneath the surface of the teabag.XResearch source Allow the nail polish to dry for about 5 minutes.
  • 3Wait for the polish to dry. Wait for the clean base coat to dry, then carefully cut away the rest of the teabag hanging off your nail.XResearch source
  • It is okay to leave a little bit of leftover teabag hanging off your nail, because you can file it away later when it is less fragile.
  • 4Apply another layer of clear nail polish. Now that the tea bag is secure on your nail, paint on another layer of clear polish.XResearch source Be sure to extend the paint stroke past your nail onto the tea bag. Allow this layer of nail polish to dry for about 5-10 minutes.
  • At this point, the teabag will look see-through.
  • 5Remove the excess teabag. Once the clear layer of nail polish has dried, use a nail file to file in one direction and remove the rest of teabag paper.XResearch source
  • The nail file will help sand off any paper particles remaining on the edge of your nail.
  • What The Experts Say

    The most common presentation of toenail fungus is a white/yellow discoloration of the nail that is thick and filled with yellow/white keratin debris. The more severe the toenail fungus, the thicker the nail, and the more nails involved makes it that much harder to treat the nails even with effective therapies.”Orit Markowitz, MD, founder and CEO of OptiSkin treatment center in New York City.

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    Simple Nail Care Treatments

    • Trimmed your nails properly

    Trim your nails short it may take a lot of days for it to grow but its okay as soon as it stays healthy.

    • Drink lots of water

    Peeling can be the result of dryness so you can have a remedy on the inside by drinking lots of water. It is not just beneficial to your nail but also to your entire body.

    • Have a balanced, healthy diet

    Eat nutritious food that is rich in protein for stronger and firm nails and also food that has omega 3-acids and iron.

    • Take vitamins

    Vitamin E is good for re-hydration and it can easily penetrate to your nails surface plate. Another is Vitamin B-7, or Biotin to strengthen your nails.

    • Start wearing gloves while doing a chore

    This is applicable to the chores that encounter chemical presence and excessive immersion to water to avoid from getting our nails expose to harmful chemicals.

    In life, in every setback, there will be a comeback so as to your peeling nails in having a chance to re-grow. Brace yourself as I introduce to you a well-preferred nail treatment product used by many.


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