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What Size Acrylic Nail Brush Is Best For Beginners

Should I Get A Synthetic Or Kolinsky Brush

The Best Acrylic Nail Brush for Beginners (Tutorial) | I Review the Best and the Worse

Kolinsky brushes will always provide a higher quality, longer-lasting brush with better control than synthetic.

However, they are significantly more expensive and probably not warranted for a home artist looking for a good clean-up or feathering brush.

Kolinsky and other sable brushes are made from the tail full of male sables and there are plenty of folks who take issue with that. If you prefer your products to be vegan.

Best Acrylic Brush Set

If youre a complete beginner and youre looking for a good brush set to start out with, this one from Kalolary is great value.

It comes with 2 mini glass cups for storing your monomer and brush cleaner which is really useful.

You also get 6 different brushes in sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12.

Everyones nail beds are different. So having a few different sizes means you can play around and see what works best for you.

Or you can start small and work your way up to a bigger brush as you get more experienced.

The brushes in this set are of decent quality. Theyre nice and soft, hold their shape well, and dont shed too much.


  • Comes with 2 glass cups for holding monomer and brush cleaning


  • The lids dont fit the containers very well
  • The cups are not quite big enough for a full set

Vegan or feel strongly about not supporting animal cruelty? Then youll need an acrylic nail brush that lines up with your ethics.

This faux-Kolinsky brush is a high-quality synthetic option. It wont weigh heavy on your conscience.

Its a salon-quality brush with a natural bamboo handle.

The bristles are synthetic nanofiber that does a pretty good job of imitating the real thing.

Its easy to use, even for beginners and it comes in a good variety of sizes .


  • Doesnt hold liquid quite as well as sable brushes
  • Takes some getting used to after using real sable

Kolinsky Sable Oval Acrylic Nail Brush Set By Beaute Galleria

This Kolinsky Sable Brushes nail brush set by Beaute Galleria comes in three sizes — #4, #8 and #10 . Each of these brushes has a light brown color and has the following dimensions: Size #4 – Brush Width: 5mm, Brush Length: 17mm Size #8 – Brush Width: 7mm, Brush Length: 23mm Size #10 – Brush Width: 9mm, Brush Length: 23mm.

Each of these brushes provides superior spring and control and matchless water-carrying performance. They are designed with plated silver, seamless ferrules, and made to work well with oils, acrylics, watercolors, or gouache.

The hair is waterproof, soft, flexible and is considered as the best brush material. This brush is ideal for making fine details and special patterns.

So there you have it, our list of the best nail acrylic brushes that you may consider if you are still undecided which brush to use for your next nail art design work.

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What Nail Brush Is Best For Acrylic

If you’re a professional working with nail extensions you want acrylic brushes, preferably with Kolinsky sable bristles which can hold up to daily use for years with the right maintenance. Avoid cleaning with acetone and instead, use a monomer soak.

New to working with acrylic and other nail enhancements? There’s a learning curve, so stick with it. Practicing on a nail trainer hand can save you a lot of clean-up and hassle before moving onto your own or your friends’ nails.

Professional Pure 100% Kolinsky Sable Acrylic Nail Art Brush By Eval

issabellaandmaxrooms: Best Size Acrylic Nail Brush For ...

Brushes made of Kolinsky sable hair like those by Eval are known to be the finest available. These brushes are suitable for professional nail-sculpting use.

The nail art brush is lightweight, have an oval shape, acetone-resistant, and comes with a red wood handle for that comfortable need that creating exquisite nail art design requires. Brushes for nail art by Eval are made to last and are perfect even for beginners. The brush length is 175mm . Its tip measures 20mm x 8mm .

Each purchase of this set comes with a no-questions-asked refund or replacement.

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Best Acrylic Nail Brush For Beginners

Greenth Pro Bamboo Nail Brush

Better known for its eco-friendly nature, this Greenth Pro Bamboo Nail Brush has double sides. The bristle is firm and easier to clean the dirt of fingernails. Moreover, it is usable for both personal and commercial purposes.

Another impressive feature of this brush is the wooden handle. The handle is from solid bamboo, and thus durable. Portability is another plus with the brush. You can carry it anywhere you want.

After some hefty outdoor activities, you can smoothly clean the nails of fingers and toes. However, there is a certain procedure while using the brush. Moist the bristle before applying. And dont forget to clean your nails with water.

Most Popular Size Acrylic Nail Brush

The most popular sizes for beginners are usually the smaller sizes and the bigger ones for the more advanced technicians like sizes 12 and up.

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing the best size of acrylic nail brush for yourself. You must ensure that you are using the right brush to learn as a beginner. When you are more of an expert, you can have a wider range of brush sizes to choose from.Was this article helpful? please leave a comment in the section below. Also, tell me about your experience in choosing the perfect brush size!

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Do You Love Acrylic Nails

What Size Acrylic Nail Brush Is Best For Beginners / Do you love acrylic nails?

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  • Original Resolution: 750×750 px
  • Original Resolution: 480×360 px
  • Original Resolution: 1500×1500 px
  • Original Resolution: 1030×1130 px
  • Original Resolution: 1381×829 px
  • Original Resolution: 196×196 px
  • Original Resolution: 640×640 px
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  • Original Resolution: 500×500 px
  • Original Resolution: 640×480 px
  • Original Resolution: 400×400 px
  • Original Resolution: 1219×1467 px
  • Do Not Push Down On The Bristles Too Hard:

    The Best Cheap Acrylic Nail Brush on Amazon for Beginners (pt2): KADS

    If you do this thinking it will clean you brush better, you ruin the perfect shape and hurt the integrity at the base of the bristles. Pushing down hard vertically on the bristles will cause the delicate tips to wear out faster.

    Do not use acetone to soak or clean your brush: acetone is a very strong solvent. If you use it on your brush, it will prematurely dry out your brush cause bristle tips to become brittle and break prematurely. Your brush will not have a perfect tip or shape anymore.

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    Polygel Vs Builder Gel

    PolyGel has a thicker viscosity than builder gel. A stiff-bristled nail brush makes moving PolyGel around the nail easier. PolyGel will remain wherever it is placed, while builder gel has a thinner viscosity and easily rolls around on top of the nail.

    Builder gel requires several applications to attain the thickness needed for the nail to remain sturdy enough for daily wear. PolyGel only requires one coat due to its thicker formula. The formula of PolyGel makes for a much quicker application than that of builder gel.

    Both PolyGel and builder gel require removal of the dispersion layer after the curing process. Filing and shaping both types of gel always follow the curing process. The nail tech uses an e-file to perform the filing and shaping procedure.

    Uv Gel Acrylic Nail Art Brush Set By Kalolary

    This Nail Art Brush Set comes with 7 pcs. of UV Gel Nail Art Brush in various sizes, 5 pcs Nail Dotting Pen and a pc of Nail Art Brush. All these tools are essential and suitable for nails specialist and nail learner.

    These brushes come with metal stamping that serves as a lock for the pen body and pen tip tightly. The brush comes with metal stamping, which lock the pen body and pen tip firmly. This also makes the brush pen sturdy for long-term use. They come with vivid color and designed to make the pens luxurious looking. These brushes are designed to be deformation and corrosion resistant, durable and easy to clean.

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    Speed Up Your Nail Service

    Greg Tosti, nail technician and co-owner of five Nail Depot salons throughout South Florida, say that service speed is the key to keeping his salon competitive. The Nails Depots 140 nail technicians each service anywhere from 11 to 12 clients a day. Some service as many as 25 in a day. How do they do it?

    Believe it or nor, its in the brush. Tosti says that using the proper tools is essential when it comes to service time and quality. So much so, that the salon stocks its own private label brushes for its staff to purchase, but only in sizes 10, 14, and 18. Bigger balls are easier to lay down on a nail or tip, says Tosti. “Larger brushes also stay firmer, especially at the belly, making it easier to pull down the acrylic from the cuticle to the free edge.”

    The Nail Depot trains all of its nail technicians to use bigger brushes and finds that many nail technicians who come to work at the salon move up in size quickly because they have a minimum of two years of experience . “Usually it is just a matter of watching another nail technician apply acrylic with a bigger brush and a one- or two-ball method for them to get the hang of it,” says Tosti. “Yesterday we had a nail technician start who used a size 6 brush. We gave her someone else’s bigger brush and she sat side-by-side with another tech watching her in action. By the end of the day, she was using a size 14 and a two-ball method with skill and confidence.”

    Shapes Of The Bristles

    1Pc Top Quality Art Kolinsky Acrylic Round Kolinsky Nail ...

    The bristles for an acrylic nail brush generally are formed into two shapes: round and flat.

    Includingmyself, I have also known many of my coworkers and friends who preferthe flat shape nail brushes because the acrylic beads will conform tothe curved cuticle lines than a round one.

    Theround shape bristles are better for smaller and short nails.

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    Caring For Your Brushes

    When painting with fast-drying acrylics it’s possible to destroy a brush in mere minutes , yet with the proper care you can preserve them for years! Some brushes are expensive, so it’s definitely worth protecting your investment.

    For detailed instructions on how to care for your paintbrushes for acrylics, see my How to Clean a Paintbrush page.

    It’s also important to store your paintbrushes properly so that the bristles don’t get bent of out shape. Scroll down to see some of the options.

    Best Acrylic Nail Brush

    There are two types of nail brushes, one that has synthetic bristles and one that has natural hair bristles. These bristles make a big impact as there are some differences that truly stand out. Synthetic bristles are more durable than natural hair they do not break down as easily from the acrylic liquid. However, many people do prefer the natural hair brushes as it makes it easier for the brush to hold the liquid effectively. With technology being very effective, many synthetic brushes are starting to become very similar to the natural hair brushes. One brush that stands out is the Pana Pure Kolinsky Hair Acrylic Nail Brush.

    Not only is the bristle choice essential, the size of the brush is as well. When you first start out, you will want to use a smaller brush . These allow you to apply a smaller amount of acrylic while you learn to balance the ration of liquid to power as you get use to the materials. A small brush is usually included in starter kits. Once you have experience, a bigger brush stays firm and allows you to add more acrylic to the nail. While learning how to complete this step, you can watch a video about how to do it, and how to create a balance ratio consistently.

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    How Much Monomer Liquid Do I Need

    If youre already looking at buying materials for DIY acrylics, youve probably noticed that monomer liquid is pretty expensive in comparison to some of the other necessary items. Making sure that youre not wasting the solution is crucial to staying cost-effective and getting a smooth acrylic bead.

    If youre using too much monomer, youll probably notice that your acrylic is slow to dry, very watery, and separates on the nail. There will be little shape-holding, and the acrylic will be translucent instead of opaque.

    If there isnt enough monomer on your brush, youll probably experience lots of lumps in your acrylic bead. The powder will stay a powder unless there is a monomer to activate the polymerization process, which is why youre seeing those bumps. The acrylic will also be hard to smooth and spread over the nail as it dries very quickly.

    To get the perfect amount of monomer in your brush, gently dip the tip of the brush into the monomer liquid and press it against the lip of the cup to drain any excess. Then, dip the brush into the acrylic powder at a 45-degree angle. You should be able to see a wave of activation in the bead as it slightly changes colors.

    Do Not Wipe The Bristles On Paper Towels So Many Times:

    5 Best Acrylic Nail Brush for Beginners

    Many manicurists have a bad habit of wiping their brushes on paper towels much more than they should. Excessive wiping will cause the fine delicate bristle tips will wear out faster or break off.These fine tips are necessary to prevent the acrylic powder to get inside the brush and it can no longer create a perfectly round acrylic bead.

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    Are Bigger Brushes Better For Acrylic Nails

    Not necessarily.

    Ill explain why in the next section, but first, lets take a look at some of the pros and cons of using a bigger-bellied brush.

    One of the major benefits of using bigger brushes is quick application.

    Bigger brushes allow you to get bigger pearls . So with a big brush, you can cover a wider surface area.

    Most salons train their nail technicians to work with bigger brushes. This saves time and maximizes profits.

    You dont need to make as many beads with a big brush. So bigger brushes mean that you can do fewer pearls and can work more quickly.

    It does take experience to master a bigger brush though.

    With a large brush, you dont have as much control.

    If youre not careful, you could end up with product on the skin. This can lead to allergies and nasty-looking cuticles.

    Bigger brushes mean you can do nails quicker. So many nail techs will upgrade to a larger brush.

    Whether you are looking to take on clients or not, most nail experts suggest that you start with a size 6 or an 8.

    Then move up from there as you get more confident in your application technique.

    By Step Instructions On Using The Best Acrylic Nail Kit

    To start this process, you need to make sure to have a clean, dry nail bed. You can push back your cuticles as well with a cuticle pusher and trim away any old, dead edges to leave a beautiful, longer nail bed. Additionally, trim and shape your nails with a file, brushing away the nail dust when finished.

    Once your nails are prepped, make sure to sanitize your nails with hand sanitizer or wash them with anti-bacterial soap. In most cases, women use tips to add nail length and strength, however, if your natural nail is long enough, you can just move on and skip adding a nail tip. If you are not using your natural nail, then the great nail kit you invested in is essential. Once the tip is applied, you will be ready to begin the acrylic powder process.

    Before applying the powder, an optional step is using a priming pen. This pen is recommended because it strengths the acrylic nail before the powder is applied. After you have put on your acrylic tip, use this pen to strengthen the bond between your nail and the acrylic tip. This will help it last longer, being more durable.

    To remove excess liquid from the acrylic on your fingertips, you can use a cuticle pick or tooth pick to remove anything left behind. You can also even out the nail once the final buffing takes place too.

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    What Is The Best Acrylic Nail Brush Size For A Beginner

    Learning to do your own acrylic nails can be an exciting and adventurous experience. Whether you just want to save some money by doing your nails at home instead of at the salon or want to become a professional nail tech, you need to know the right kind of brush to use for your acrylics. What is the best acrylic nail brush for a beginner?

    How To Clean The Nail Brush With A Nail Brush Cleaner

    Petal Silver handle Acrylic Nail Brush CRIMPED Acrylic ...

    Fortwenty-plus years doing acrylics, I seldom used a nail brush cleanerfor my brushes. If you follow my instructions on how to clean yourbrushes right after you finish doing acrylics, you should have noproblem with acrylic powder stuck on your brushs bristles.

    Ifyou happen to have a nail brush cleaner already, you can use it toclean your brush. The manufacturers who made this solution especiallyto clean nail brushes so it will not damage the delicate bristles.

    Atthe beginning of your acrylic practice, you will likely leave someacrylic powder on your brush or forget to clean it properly aftereach use. The acrylic powder will dry out and cause the bristles willstick together and you are not able to use it. If this happens, youcan use a nail brush cleaner to soak your brushs bristles until thehardened acrylics soften and dissolve in the liquid cleaner.

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