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What Is Vegan Nail Polish

Orly Adrenaline Rush Summer 2015 | Swatches & Review | Nail Polish Pursuit

If a nail polish is vegan, it means that there are no animal-derived ingredients used in the formula or production process at all.

Regular or non-vegan nail polishes often contain ingredients that come from things like fish scales, crushed beetles, beeswax or animal protein to give them the right consistency or level of shine. Vegan nail polish uses other natural or man-made substances in place of these, such as aluminium or faux pearl, to make them vegan.

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    Its no secret clean nail polishes are commanding the market, with gorgeous shades, long-wear formulas, and salon-quality finishes. Now, you can find silky-smooth formulas that are 5-free, 10-free, 12-freenail polish has quickly become a game of lets race to 100!

    That label means the brand has removed a certain number of chemicals from the lacquer, usually ones that are associated with health concerns . Did you know, though, that some of those eliminated ingredients are actually animal products?

    Yes, vegan nail polish is a thing. Heres how to know if your varnish is really vegan, along with our favorite options to try.

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    Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab Pro Color In Skinny Dippin

    A lavender lattethats what comes to mind after taking one look at this pastel hue. Celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann is known for her nail-nurturing formulas, so you know this pigment will deliver intense color without sacrificing the health ofthose tips . Healthy, happy claws, all dressed in light lavender.

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    A Few Of My Favorites

    I filmed a video sharing some of the vegan nail polish brands Ive tried and my thoughts about each. Watch below!

    Vegan nail polish was once nearly impossible to find, but today dozens of brands have sprouted up changing the game in the nail decor industry. These days you can even find entire nail salons that are cruelty-free, or at the very leave offer vegan and cruelty-free nail polish options!

    There is an eco-friendly nail salon down the street from me in Sacramento that has an entire wall of vegan nail polishes to choose from. In fact, everything they use in the salon is cruelty-free and natural. If you can support those more conscious salons, all the better!

    But if you go to a salon youre not familiar with or you know is not particularly vegan-friendly, you can always bring your own polish with you and they are generally happy to use that. Want bonus points? Leave them with a polite request to carry some vegan polishes in the future. Its sure to help their business as much as it will help you!

    Cover photograph from Canva. Please note that this article contains some affiliate links, and shopping through these links supports our work at World of Vegan. Thank you!

    Why Use Orly Breathable Treatment + Colour : Orly Nail Lacquer, Kiss The Bride, 0.6 Fluid ...

    One bottle really does do it all! In every ORLY Breathable Treatment + Colour you get a basecoat, colour polish, nail treatment and nail topcoat.

    We know what youre thinking Nails dont breathe. Youre right they dont but ORLY Breathable Polish does! ORLY Breathable is the first ever professional nail treatment and colour polish that has new oxygen technology. This unique ORLY Breathable formula is a permeable nail polish, meaning oxygen and water can get through the polish to condition your nail plate to prevent your nail polish chipping or peeling.

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    Is Orly Certified Cruelty

    When researching a brands cruelty-free status my first stop is the certified cruelty-free list. There are three organizations that give official certifications to brands around the world: Leaping Bunny, Peta, and Choose Cruelty-Free.

    Orly is certified cruelty-free

    Its wonderful that they are Leaping Bunny certified. They do a thorough vetting process and are the gold standard when it comes to cruelty-free certifications. Honestly, my research could stop here but I want to give you as much information about Orly as possible.

    What Nail Polish Brands Are Vegan And Cruelty

    Here is a list of nail polish brands that are both vegan and cruelty-free:

    • Jolie Vegan Nail Polish
    • Sally Hansen
    • Karma Organic natural nail polish

    As you see, there are a lot of famous nail polish brands that have vegan lines, so you wont have a problem finding one that suits your needs.

    There are a lot of other brands that dont test on animals like:

    • Yapa
    • Wet and Wild
    • 786 Cosmetics

    Our recommendation is Jolie Vegan because it offers natural transparent lacquers made without harmful chemicals or toxic dyes that will keep your nails looking healthy and good enough to eat.

    This is because of its vegan-friendly formula infused into organic base oils mixed at high pressure over low heat under gentle supervision, so theyre safe, not just pretty on you too.

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    An Update On Orlys Animal Testing Stance

    A coupe of weeks ago, Logical Harmony reported that ORLY was no longer cruelty free due to selling their products in mainland China. After some discussion with ORLY, two things have come up that have given clarity into the ORLY animal testing stance. At this time, I feel confident again in saying that ORLY is a cruelty-free brand with vegan options.

    In the original post, I reported that ORLY listed a distributor in China on their website as well as an ORLY China website. The ORLY China website showed pictures of ORLY products being sold at beauty events in mainland China. The distributor showed that they sold ORLY products in retail locations as well as wholesale. This combined with several emails from the ORLY Australia team passed on by readers that stated that the brand had a distributor in China seemed pretty damning for the brand. Many of you know that animal testing is required by law in order to sell in China. As I also stated in the original post, the brand had recently gone unresponsive when I would ask about their animal testing stance. PETA had also recently removed the brand from their Does Not Test on Animals list . When I reached out to PETA about this, they were unresponsive to me.

    Before the post went live, I tried to contact ORLY several times about the listed distributor and reader emails but did not receive any replies. Because of this, I went ahead and shared the information.

    What Is Orly Breathable Treatment And Color

    DIY: pink and white French with Orly strips! (product rave) 🙂

    In an effort to give lovers of nail polish a way to strengthen and support their nail health, Orly Beauty created Orly Breathable Treatment and Color. This product line offers 18 different shades of nail polish, from clear to sparkly red, that look bright and rich in color when applied. Despite looking like a lacquer, these nail polishes are actually beneficial for another reason: The work as a nail treatment.

    The problem with so many nail lacquers on the market is that they deprive the nails of air and hydration, basically causing the nails to starve. The result of long term deprivation to hydration and air causes the nails to become thin and brittle. Anyone who has worn nail polish for a long period of time knows that brittle, thin nails arent just unattractive, but they also break easily.

    Because Orly Beauty understood that its customers wanted to wear nail polish all the time, but without sacrificing their nail health, the company came up with a treatment option in the form of Orly Breathable. These nail polishes go on easily, not needing a base or topcoat, and look gorgeous. However, unlike other options, Orly Breathable nail polishes use an advanced oxygen technology to allow the nails access to hydration and oxygen.

    Step 1: Apply the first coat of ORLY Rosé All Day over ORLY Bonder Basecoat.

    Step 2: Apply a second coat of color to the entire nail.

    Step 3: Using ORLY Warm It Up, apply one to two coats, depending on desired amount of confetti.

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    Orly Nail Lacquer Pink Chocolate

    The shade Pink Chocolate is a universally flattering color. It compliments most skin types. It is enriched with natural pearl powder, so it has a shimmery shine to it. This fast-drying nail polish offers streak-free coverage. It lasts long and does not fade quickly as it is formulated with UV-inhibitors. This intense nail polish comes in a durable bottle and is a great addition to your nail polish collection.

    What Do Vegan And Cruelty

    Vegan and cruelty-free labels tell you whether a product has been tested on animals. If the label says CRUELTY-FREE, then that means it hasnt been!

    Plus, these items are also free from milk or other animal-derived ingredients like beeswax, royal jelly, etcetera.

    Im sure youve heard the buzz about veganism lately, But what does that mean for your beauty routine and favourite cosmetics brands?

    It means that if a product is vegan, it does not contain any substance from animals.

    The word vegan has been thrown around a lot in recent years as more people become aware of animal cruelty.

    So lets take a closer look at this hot-button issue to see if its worth the hype or just another passing trend!

    What exactly is veganism anyway, and why should you care whether your makeup is vegan or not.

    Veganism is an ethical lifestyle choice that rejects all forms of animal exploitation, including meat consumption, dairy production, wool wearing, fur trimming, hunting and trapping animals for sport or fashion clothing.

    Nail polish is not vegan unless it does not contain animal-derived ingredients.

    According to The Flaming Vegan, these common components found in nail polish include guanine from fish scales and can give the polis its shine carmine , made out of boiled beetles that are often used for colouration purposes like red shades on nails.

    Some nail polish brands like Orly are cruelty-free, but they are not vegan therefore, that may impact someones decision.

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    Vegan Nail Polish Resource

    • This list will continue to be updated as I go along. Ive copied and linked to my email correspondence with the companies when applicable .

    a-England polishes are vegan as detailed on their web site.

    American International Industries Have signed no-animal-testing statements. Nail colours and topcoats are vegan, not all China Glaze treatments are vegan. Ingredients are on packaging. See correspondence.

    BB Couture have used all-synthetic ingredients since 2008. Some shades produced before that may contain animal-derived guanine. Round bottles still say made with natural pearl on the back but this is an oversight that wasnt corrected after they switched to synthetic guanine. Correspondence to come.

    Beauty 21 Cosmetics Have signed no-animal-testing statements. Nail polish colours are vegan, some LA Girl treatments contain silk . See correspondence.

    Beauty Without Cruelty one of the traditionally well-known brands that make all-vegan polish and makeup available at some vegan online stores.

    Butter London Ive been informed they are now adding silk to their polishes, so they are NO LONGER VEGAN. Not sure if its all polishes.

    Catrice polishes are vegan.

    Color Club *NOT ALL VEGAN-FRIENDLY* please see here for details.

    Colour Alike No animal testing or animal ingredients. Confirmed by email with the creator will post content of email soon.

    Cult Nails No animal testing or animal ingredients, as detailed in their about page.


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    The Benefits Of Breathable Nail Polish

    ORLY Nail Lacquer 18ml/0.6oz
    • Combats Waterlogged Nails: One of the goals of Orlys unique breathable line was to combat waterlogged nails. Nail cells expand and contract as they absorb and hold moisture, which makes nail polish split, chip, and peel, so we created the Breathable formula to be more permeable than our traditional nail lacquer, Pink says.
    • Healthier For Your Nails: By now youve probably heard the recommendation to let your nails breathe or take an au naturale vacation in between frequent manicures. But by using these water-permeable polishes, your nails have the potential to stay more hydrated and moisturized, even with product on top.
    • Less Harsh Chemicals: Unfortunately, all polishes contain chemicalssome more than others. While lacquers and polishes that are 5- or 7- or 9-Free are widely considered to be the most safe and non-toxic, breathable polishes tend to contain fewer harsh chemicals when compared with their more-traditional counterparts.
    • It Dries Faster: Because oxygen can permeate through the polish as it dries, youre likely to experience a shorter wait time for your nails to dry completely.
    • It Lasts Longer: Breathable polish just might be more durable than regular polish. How? The oils that build up underneath traditional polishes can cause chips since polish wont properly bind with oil present. But with breathable polish, your nails natural oils can move through, and eventually, off of your nails, which can make your manicure more durable and last longer.

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    Orly Breathable Nail Polish By Quo Swatches And Review

    Orly Breathable Nail Polish / Quo by Orly Breathable Treatment Color Polish

    Ooooh! Lookit! Orly Breathable Nail Polish made for Quo! . That means here in Canada, its exclusive to Shoppers Drug Mart. Its launching soon word on the street is late July or early August 2016. Youre curious now, right? Lets look and Ill tell you what I know and what I dont.

    Orly Breathable With Gold Stud

    Step 1: After prepping your nail, use a striper brush, and paint the outline of a triangle at the free edge of the nail. Color used here is Dive Deep.

    Step 2: Using the included Genius Brush, fill in the triangle. Use the striper brush to fill in the point.

    Step 3: Apply a small dot of nail glue, and apply the small stone or metallic accent of your choosing.

    Step 4: Let dry and clean up using a small brush or cotton swab and ORLY Genius Remover. Voilà!

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    Does Orly Test On Animals Or Sell In China

    Orly is a well-known nail polish company that can be found all over the world. But is Orly cruelty-free or do they test on animals?

    For a company to be considered cruelty-free they have to meet all of the following criteria:

    • Do not test any of their products or ingredients on animals
    • Dont allow others to test on their behalf
    • Do not sell in a country where animal testing is required.

    After doing a bit of research, I found that Orly does meet the above cruelty-free requirements and is considered to be a cruelty-free nail polish brand.

    Lets look into what all of that really means and what you can do about it.

    Quo By Orly Breathable Polish Swatches & Review


    Quo by Orly Breathable Nail Polish Nourishing Nude

    Right now youre thinking that nails dont breathe. And youre absolutely right. They aint got lungs, so they dont breathe.

    But this isnt about that, this is about a nail polish that apparently allows air and hydration to get through the polish and to your natural nail plate. Its supposed to help heal damaged nails.

    Quo by Orly Breathable Nail Polish Barely There

    This is billed as a treatment + color nail polish. Yes, treatment nail polish is now a big thing.

    The idea behind it is that companies jam oils or H2O or vitamins into their polish formulas and then market them as a way to healthify your nails while you wear your chosen colour.

    Its kind of a great idea, right? Know how you choose a shampoo that has keratin and argan oil and feel like youve been good to your hair when you use it? Same thing with these types of treatment polishes.

    Quo by Orly Breathable Nail Polish Light as a Feather

    Here, let me give you the exact wordage so you can see for yourself:

    The Nails by the Numbers* part is interesting 500 women is actually a decent sample size but I have to read between the lines.

    When I see things like 50% of the testers reported that the Breathable formula lasted longer on their nails when tested against traditional nail polish, I kinda want to know what brand of traditional nail polish they used. And if they used a light shade or a dark shade, that matters too. And how long was that wear test?

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    Mineral Fusion Nail Polish

    Mineral Fusions nail polishes are vegan and free of Toluene Free, Camphor Free, DBP Free, Formaldehyde Free, and animal ingredients, I have tried several of their polish before and love them all! I often find them on sale at London Drugs and also CVS just recently started carrying Mineral Fusion so definitely check a store near you to see if they have them in stock!

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    List Of Vegan Gel Nail Polish Brands

    Several of you have been asking for a list of cruelty-free and vegan gel nail polish brands, and Im happy to have finally found some vegan gel polish for personal or professional use.

    Below is a list of nail polish brands that dont test on animals and offer vegan gel polish that doesnt contain any animal-derived ingredients like guanine, pearl, or shellac.

    2021 Update! I have now also included information about the brands ethical mica mining policy. There were several brands that unfortunately didnt get back to me when I asked if their mica is ethically sourced without child or forced labor.

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