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How Do You Get Your Nail Tech License

Additional Nail Tech Certifications And Trainings


Nail Camp organizes yearly nationwide meetups for professionals and those currently enrolled in a nail tech program. Attendees can network, enter competitions for prizes, and go to workshops to learn difficult techniques, such as mastering watercolor nail art. Certain professional organizations and salons also offer advanced education courses. MediNail offers advanced courses with a healthcare slant, for nail techs who might be interested in working in a podiatrists office.

Courses And Hours Needed At Nail Tech Schools

300 hours of technical instruction and practical training in nail care including water and oil manicures, hand and arm massage, pedicuring, artificial nails, nail analysis, nail tips, nail wraps, and nail repairs 100 hours of technical instruction and practical training in health and safety 10 hours of technical instruction in laws and safety 25 hours of health and safety considerations 20 hours of disinfection and sanitation 10 hours of bacteriology, anatomy, and physiology

When you graduate, you should be an expert in manicuring, pedicuring, artificial nails, and customer service.

Get more information on schools that can help you become a nail technician by consulting the list below.

Complete A Nail Technician Training Program

To become a nail technician, you will need to have a high school diploma or GED, be at least 16 or 17 years old, complete a nail technology or manicure program, and pass a licensing exam. You can complete a three-month certificate course in nail technology, or you may choose to pursue an associate’s degree in cosmetology, which can take one to two years to complete.

Programs are offered through many community colleges, vocational schools and private schools of beauty or cosmetology. You will learn technical skills, including manicuring, pedicuring, applying artificial nails, the anatomy of hands and feet, and treating nail and skin disorders. It’s also important to learn about safety and sanitation, in addition to having basic nail product knowledge.

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So What Are The Jobs Like

Nail tech jobs within a salon, and working with estheticians and others, typically consist of two types: booth rental and salaried.

Those who make a salary are considered employees and they are usually paid an agreed upon hourly rate.

Another option is to be paid on commission based on the amount of sales they make per month.

Jobs with a booth rental salon may also be paid a commission, but more often, they are paid directly by the customer. They then pay a rental fee to the salon owner in exchange for running their business out of the salon.At a certain point, a nail tech may decide that it is time to expand her business even further. This can mean striking out on her own as a single operator. It can also mean starting her own salon and hiring people to fill manicurist jobs within her own business.

Job Growth Outlook: High

Can You Get Nail Tech License Online

It seems that over the next ten years, the growth of this career will be around 13%.

That is a positive growth, especially with new types of nail services and better grooming habits.

The growing number of nail salons throughout the country will continue to increase, as well as jobs when people leave the career or retire.

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Education Requirements To Get A Nail Tech License In California

As you see, education is the first step in getting your nail tech license. California has one of the most active beauty industries in the United States, which may mean that you have plenty of schools to choose from.

Some CA nail technician schools offer standard daytime class hours, while others accommodate working students with evening and weekend classes. Programs often start throughout the year, giving you the chance to start your training when it fits your schedule.

To qualify for a CA nail tech license, you have to meet very specific training hour requirements.

What Is A Nail Tech

A nail technician is a beauty industry professional who uses creativity to improve nails on a client’s feet and hands. These specialists focus on trimming, cleaning and polishing client’s nails. They may also assess the client’s nails and determine what services to provide, including:

  • Trimming nails
  • Applying a coat of nail polish
  • Choosing the number of coats of polish
  • Applying a topcoat

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Pass The Nail Technician Theory And Practical Examinations

You will need to pass the nail technician exams within two years of graduating from your manicurist education program. The South Carolina Board of Cosmetology contracts the administration of these exams out to the testing company Professional Credential Services . You will therefore need to make your application for testing with PCS. This will also serve as your application for a nail technician license with the South Carolina Board of Cosmetology.

To apply for nail technician testing, you will need to create an account with PCS through their website and arrange for the following to be submitted to PCS:

As a starting point to prepare for both your nail technician exams you can review the PCS Nail Technology Candidate Handbook.

Nail Technician Theory Examination

Once you have submitted a successful application to PCS it will provide you with an Authorization to Test that you can use to create an account with the testing agency that will administer your theory examination, PSI.

You will be given 90 minutes to complete the theory exam, which is administered entirely on a computer and covers the following topics:

What To Expect During The Nail Technician License Exam

Can You Be A Professional Nail Tech Without a License?

All of the states as well as Puerto Rico expect you to take and pass both a written and practical application part of the nail technician license exam. You will most likely have t pay a fee to take the exam and will be notified by mail if you pass, with a copy of your license included in the package. Fees and the time it takes for notification varies from state to state.

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Tampa / St Petersburg Fl

No matter what type of nail studio environment you want to work in, chances are Tampa or St. Petersburg has a salon for you. For instance, in Tampa, you can find the Minimalist Salon, while St. Petersburg has the humorously-named Nail Me Good.

The mean salary for nail technicians in Tampa / St. Petersburg is $28,010 .

Ohio Nail Technology Careers

Average yearly salary for nail technology in Ohio

When it comes to nails, everyone likes something a little different. Maybe one of your clients prefers a close trim and a clear coat of polish, while the client after them goes all out with a new set of long acrylic nails every two weeks. When you become a licensed nail technician, you can feel confident about your ability to meet the needs of any client that comes through the door. Nail technology is a growing part of the beauty industry. By the year 2026, job openings for manicurists may increase 12% in Ohio . The average salary for an Ohio nail technician is $22,360 per year . Some of the places you may use your skills include walk-in nail salons, full-service hair salons, and spas.

The Job Outlook for a Nail Technologist in Ohio appears to have plenty of room for growth. Nail Techs can expect little to no competition in the OH market. With a location quotient of 0.63 and an average annual wage of $22,360, Ohio is considered to have a lower employment level for this occupation, hence the need for more people, as well as owners, in this industry.

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Passing A Nail Technician Licensure Examination

The second, necessary step to licensure as a nail technician is the completion of a nail technician examination. Depending on specific state requirements, the examination phase of licensure may include a written examination or a written and practical examination. Some states have their own state examination, while others use the National-Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetologys practical and/or written examinations.

To date, 14 states utilize the NICs nail technician practical examination, while 33 states utilize the NICs nail technician written examination.

NICs written nail technology examination assesses candidates in the following areas:

    • Scientific concepts
  • Function of nail equipment and nail implements
  • Nail service preparation
  • Polish

How To Become A Nail Technician Without Going To School

How to Become a Nail Technician: Career, Salary &  Training ...

We may earn a small commission for purchases made through affiliate links in this post. Learn more

If you are into nails and wondered how to become a nail technician without going to school here is your answer online nail courses. It doesnt matter If you wanted to do this as a second job without leaving your current one, if you just dont have a nail school near you or like most of us, your daily schedule doesnt fit the nail course program.

There are several amazing online nail technician schools with excellent teachers and courses. You can actually study from home and become a nail technician like you always wanted.

One of the best things about nail technician online courses is that you can fit them into your schedule easily. You can learn, practice and master your nail skills whenever you have some free time.

If you want to be a certified nail tech the academy of nail design has a great premium pack. The Academy of Nail Design has some word known teaches such as Doug Schoon and many more.

If you want to know how to become a nail technician without going to school we have some great tips on the best online nail courses.

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How To Get A Nail Tech License Renewed In Ohio

To keep working without interruption in Ohio, you must renew your license every two years. Renewal documents are due in every odd-numbered year. Each biennial cycle requires eight hours of continuing education, one hour of which must relate to human trafficking and recognizing the signs of human trafficking. Ohios renewal fee is $45.

Within a matter of weeks, you could be applying for a license for nail technician in Ohio! Make the first move now by requesting information from schools near you.

Who Sets Nail Tech Licensing Requirements

Each state has its own licensing requirements. Specifically, the state board of cosmetology or health is usually the governing body that sets the regulations. Programming and licensing requirements can change over the years, so its important to remain current on your states guidelines.

Common license stipulations include:

Minimum age and education requirements to enter a program.Many programs require attendees be at least 16 years old and possess a high school diploma or GED.

Training requirements.Most states require a combination of training hours and a written and/or practical exam.

Instructor license guidelines.Licensure usually requires a specific number of classroom hours, years of professional experience, and that you pass an exam.

Renewal requirements.Based on which state you live in, you may have to renew your license regularly, and pay a fee.

Reciprocity guidelines.Typically, to transfer your license to another state, you need to have fulfilled similar training hour and license requirements. Some states also require that you pass an exam, pay a fee, and been working professionally for a certain number of years.

CEU requirements.Some states require that you take a few continuing education units each year.

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Some Courses Offered At Nail Schools

  • Sanitation, both personal and for the public
  • Nail care and its history
  • Sterilization of instruments
  • Nail diseases, problems, and disorders
  • Solutions for nail problems

An often overlooked option is business courses geared toward cosmetology and salon ownership. These courses are usually not required for state board licensure. However they are invaluable for anyone who knows that they intend to open their own salon at some point. These courses can be taken at technical colleges or even in online settings. For some, a degree in business may be an option to consider. Others simply want to acquire the applicable information in order to put it into action later.

Becoming a nail pro means committing to the course of study outlined by both the chosen schooland the state board of cosmetology. Some students may need different options. Especially if they are already working full time jobs and have very little free time to devote to classes. Some students may also have free time only when school is not in session. For those students, alternative methods, such as online schooling, may be necessary. Find out about financing your nail education here.Go to Top Page

What Is A Nail Technician

How to become a FULL TIME Nail Technician THE REAL HONEST TRUTH

A nail technician typically works in a salon, where they make peoples finger and toe nails look good.

Painting nails, filing nails, making sure the cuticles are cut, these are all duties of a nail technician.

Consider your nail tech the Monet of nail care.

If you want your nails to look good before prom, a wedding, or just because, then youre going to want to visit a nail tech, who can make you look even more gorgeous.

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Nail Specialist Professional Licensure For Military Personnel/veterans/military Spouses

This application is for any individual that is currently serving, or has formerly served and received an honorable discharge, as an active duty member of the Armed Forces of the United States, or a spouse or surviving spouse of such member and currently holds a valid license for the corresponding profession in another state, the District of Columbia, any United States territory or possession, or a foreign jurisdiction. Applicants meeting these requirements will not be required to pass a Florida examination.

Application Requirements:

If you have questions or need assistance in completing this application, please call the Customer Contact Center at 850.487.1395 or use our convenient contact form.

Successfully Complete An Approved Manicurist Program

Your road to becoming a licensed manicurist in California begins with the completion of a manicurist program that has been approved by the Board. You can view a list of approved schools here. Most manicurist programs are completed in a cosmetology school, although there are also a number of dedicated nail technology schools in California.

According to industry statistics published by NAILS Magazine, 80 percent of all nail technicians in California are Vietnamese. As such, there are a number of nail technician programs in California aimed at Vietnamese immigrants. Many of these programs do not require students to speak any English.

An approved nail technology program in California must consist of at least 400 hours of technical instruction and practical training. Instruction must include the following:

  • Technical instruction and practical training in nail care
  • Manicures and pedicures
  • Disinfection and sanitation
  • Bacteriology, anatomy, and physiology

The Board also recommends that nail technology programs provide training in professional ethics, salesmanship, record-keeping, decorum, client service record cards, and basic tax responsibilities.

Note: There are currently no apprenticeship programs for manicurist licensure in California.

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How To Become A Nail Tech

Although its tempting to go out and apply for a job simply based on personal experience with nails, becoming certified is a more formal process than that.

The first step is choosing among the different nail/manicurist schools either vocational or cosmetological that offer training toward getting a nail tech certification.

If a potential student knows others in the field they may even want to ask them where they obtained their training. Some programs may require courses that offer an overview of all of the subsets of cosmetology, including hair, skin, and nail care. Others allow students to specialize from the very beginning of their coursework.

Students who want to learn how to become a manicurist need to follow the same general framework. Some states have different certification requirements than they do for nail technologists. Aspiring manicurists should carefully review those requirements with their state board of licensing before they begin coursework at a school. Doing so ensures that they will be able to meet those requirements on completion of their course of study.

Those looking for a career receive hands-on training as well as classroom instruction while in school. This helps to make sure that students not only learn what they need to know in order to be successful, but that they are able to develop skills related to what they have learned.

How Much Does The Nail Tech School Cost

How To Get Nail Tech License In Florida

Nail technology courses are a quick jump into the beauty world. On average, the nail technology course cost less than $3,000.00 in Miami, Florida. Many accredited schools offer payment plans to help students quickly enroll and begin their professional career path. Some schools even offer interest free payment plans, contact the schools admissions department for details. Other may even provide a discount if the program is paid in full. Check your local schools website for exact cost of the nail technology program.

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Begin Your New Nail Technician Career In South Carolina

With your fresh nail technician license in hand you can start working at any establishment in South Carolina. You can find manicurist jobs virtually anywhere people want their nails to look pretty. Some of the best professionals in this field are found working at South Carolinas chicest establishments including:

You will need to earn at least 12 hours of continuing education every year to keep your manicurist license current, though your license only needs to be renewed every two years. Your annual continuing education needs to include at least three hours pertaining to sanitation, health, and client safety, while the remaining hours should relate to bettering yourself as a professional nail technician.

As you advance in your career you will also have the opportunity to rent or lease a space in a salon or nail studio where you can set up your own practice. To do this you will simply need to fill out a Booth Renter Application. Having this privilege will allow you to work as an independent business owner in cooperation with the salon owner who is renting you space. If you want to go to the next level, you may even consider opening up your own nail studio or day spa.

As you prepare to embark on this career pathway you can find more information about education and nail technician jobs with organizations like the South Carolina Professional Barber and Cosmetology Association.


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