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What Do Ridges In Nails Mean

Symptom: Infected Inflamed Skin Around The Nail

Do You Have Vertical Ridges On Your Nails? (Cause)

This is known as paronychia and can be caused by pushing back the cuticle.

Cuticles are really important and probably shouldnt be pushed back, Rich noted. They seal the skin to the nail and keep stuff out.

The cuticle prevents bacteria, fungus, yeast and mold from getting underneath your nail and causing an infection.

Course of action: Soak your nail in hot water two or three times a day to help reduce the swelling and pain, experts note. Your doctor may prescribe oral antibiotics or other medicine.

To prevent an infection, dont use any sharp implements to cut or push back your cuticles, and dont allow your manicurist to cut them, Rich advised. The best way to manage cuticles is to gently rub a towel over your nails after a shower when your skin is soft to get rid of the dead skin on the surface of the nail, she noted.

Nail discoloration or thickening can signal systemic health problems. Check with your doctor if you spot any changes.


Dont Mess With Your Cuticle

You can prevent traumatic ridges by not picking or shoving your cuticle back. The cuticle is the only barrier the fingers have to keep dirt and infections out of the tissues of the fingers, says Dr. Shainhouse. Not only can an infection cause damage to the nail matrix and potentially deform your nail, but the act of pushing back the cuticle can bang it up, creating a permanent ridge template for all future nail growth.

When To See A Doctor For A Nail Ridge

Usually, a ridge is no reason to worry, but if it seems to have come out of nowhere and you don’t remember bruising it, Gohara says it might be good to see a doctor. “I’d always have the nails examined by a board-certified dermatologist to sort out what the cause may be, especially if it comes on suddenly.”

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Beaus Lines On Fingernails

Whereas vertical lines on fingernails are lines stretching from the tip of your nail to the back of the nail, Beaus lines run horizontally from side to side. These lines may indicate you suffer from diabetes, acute kidney issues, or thyroid disease. Some people who have undergone chemotherapy also experience this nail issue.

Ridges On Fingernails Treatment

Lines On Your Fingernails, Do You Have Them? What Do They ...

If you have ridges in the nails and are concerned about them make an appointment to see your physician to check to see if you have any sort of underlying health problem.

After doing that, below are some ways to help your nail look healthy and great:

  • Wear gloves to protect the nails when you are working with chemicals that are dangerous or on manual project such as construction or gardening.
  • Wait for the nails to grow out as often the only cure is time. Coat the nails with a protective polish that is clear in order to strengthen them while waiting for the ridges to disappear.
  • Buff your nails with an emery board.
  • Use a lotion that is hydrating and apply several times each day to strengthen and moisturize the nails. Before going to bed at night, coat your nails with lotion and put on cotton gloves to give the nails a dose of moisture that is intensive while sleeping.
  • Take a supplement vitamin that has zinc, B-12 and iron. Many times issues with the nails are due to nutritional deficiencies, so increasing intake of nutrients that are key may help cure the ridges.

No product alone can keep nails healthy. The following guidelines may help to keep your nails looking their very best:

Do not abuse the nails

To prevent damage, do not use fingernails as tools to poke, pry or pick things.

Do not bite nails or pick at the cuticles

These are habits that can damage the nail bed even a minor cut alongside the nail will allow fungi or bacteria to enter and start an infection.

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What Do Horizontal Nail Ridges Mean

Ridges in fingernails that run side to side are less common and might give you more pause. Also known as Beaus lines, they could signal disease or just be a remnant of an old injury, says Dr. Lee. They arise because there is a temporary stop in nail growth in the proximal nail matrix, where the fingernail is made, she says. They are most often benign and due to mechanical trauma: manicures, jamming your finger in the door, etc.

Sometimes, though, they point to a skin disease like eczema, psoriasis, or chronic paronychia , so inspect your skin and fingertips for signs of redness and rash. Your dermatologist might be able to offer a treatment option. While youre at it, look into these things your nails can reveal about your health.

Preventive Measures For Ridges On Nails Or Vertical Lines On Nails:

Here below are some of the most important preventive measures to keep in mind so as to protect your nails from developing the ridges on them or developing vertical lines on nails.

  • Make sure you are keeping your body hydrated by taking plenty of water. Taking water daily helps you have a good nail health and prevents it from drying or growing the ridges.
  • Avoid junk foods
  • Take multivitamins and rich diet, plenty of fruits and vegetables etc so as to provide your body and the skin, nails etc optimal nutritional support.
  • Keep a habit of applying moisturizing lotion at least thrice a day so as to improve the appearance of your finger nails and hands.

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Treatment For Ridges On Nail Or Vertical Lines On Nails Via Essential Nutrients And Nutrient Supplements:

  • Vitamin B, Choline, Biotin and Inositol are highly essential
  • Vitamin A is essential for proper nail health
  • Minerals like zinc, Calcium, Iron and Silica are important for nail health
  • Essential fatty acids must be added in the regular diet for appropriate health of nails.
  • Cysteine, Taurine and Methionine are three most crucial Amino acids required for treating the abnormal appearance of nails like the ridges on nails and enhancing the nail health.

What Causes Vertical Ridges In Fingernails

what does it mean having vertical ridges on the fingernails? What it Means..! an old family secret

Got ridges in your fingernails? Pay attention to the direction theyre running.

Vertical ridges, which extend from your cuticle to the tip of your nail, are usually a normal part of the aging process, says board-certified dermatologist Ranella Hirsch. On occasion, they can be the result of medical conditions like diabetes or vitamin deficiency, she explains. Anemia, rheumatoid arthritis, and peripheral vascular disease may also increase your risk for fingernail ridges.

Nail trauma or a growth or tumor growing under the nail cause vertical ridges, too, Rodney adds.

Horizontal ridges, extending side to side across your nails, are a different story. When this occurs on a single nail, it could be due to trauma to that individual nail, Rodney explains. On the other hand, if multiple or all nails are involved, it could be the result of something more concerning, like an infection or serious illness.

Multiple horizontal ridges are known as Beaus lines and less common than vertical ridges. Hirsch says theyre sometimes associated with significant medical issues, like kidney disease, diabetes, psoriasis or thyroid diseaseand, they sometimes appear in patients going through chemotherapy.

Nail growth slows or stops during the illness, and then resumes after recovery, Rodney adds. The Beaus lines mark the time when the illness occurred, and the lines grow out with the nails over time.

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Treating Ridges In Fingernails

Because fingernail ridges are usually signs of other health problems, treatment is focused on the underlying cause of the changes to your nails. For example, if youve developed Beaus lines because of diabetes, successfully controlling your blood sugar may reduce these horizontal fingernail ridges.

Treatment for skin conditions such as eczema may include moisturizers for your hands or topical ointments to reduce eczema symptoms. If low levels of minerals or vitamins are to blame, you may be advised to alter your diet or take supplements to boost your levels.

Buffing your fingernails with an emery board may help smooth ridges. Ask your dermatologist for advice on treating your nails. Youll want to be careful not to press too hard to avoid further damage.

You can connect to a dermatologist in your area using the Healthline FindCare tool.

How Do I Keep My Nails Healthy

Our bodies are smart so when were low in vitamins and minerals, our nails and hair will show it, explains Norris.

Eating a variety of whole foods will usually get you all the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients your nails need. A simple fix is to start taking a quality multivitamin, but Norris advises against a one-a-day type: Its difficult for our bodies to digest large compressed tablets. When taking these products, we dont actually break it down effectively so we miss out on the vitamins and minerals that are within it.

Instead, she suggests looking for a product that comes in easy-to-digest capsules. Why? Capsules are typically made from gelatin and its much easier for our bodies to break down gelatin to get to the vitamins and minerals within the product.

Opt for popular choices:

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Heres What It Means If You Have Ridges On Your Nails

Fingernails seem like a pretty uneventful body part. They grow. You cut them. Maybe paint them. And thats about it. But in reality, your nails can give you a glimpse into your overall health. If something is going on in your body, your nails could start to change, sometimes developing ridges. Depending on what the ridges in fingernails look like, you might want to schedule a visit to the doctor.

What Do Ridges Or Horizontal Lines In Your Fingernails Mean

Wavy ridges on the nails are caused by NISHIOHMIYA

Todays nail sign that well be diving into from my nail series is the presence of a horizontal line that spans across the nail.

These horizontal lines or ridges are called Beaus lines, named after the French physician Joseph Honoré Simon Beau who first described and researched these grooves in 1846.

Beaus lines are horizontal depressions in the nail plate that run parallel to the shape of the white, moon-shaped portion of the nail bed seen at the nails origin. They result from a sudden interruption of nail keratin synthesis and grow distally with the nail plate. As the nail grows, the Beaus lines can disappear.There are several different underlying causes that may contribute to the presence of these grooves, ranging from something as simple as trauma to the nail, all the way to more serious issues such as the presence of a systemic illness. Lets explore the possibilities

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Symptom: Ridges On Nails

Vertical lines on nails or ridges are common as you get older. Most people eventually get them.

Theyre kind of like wrinkles in the nail, Rich said. She discourages patients from buffing or filing the ridges smooth because that thins the nail.

Deep horizontal ridges or depressions, known as Beaus lines, are more alarming. They indicate something caused the nail to stop growing temporarily. Triggers can include high fever, chemotherapy, a serious illness, major surgery, blood transfusion, a car accident or any major stress to your system, Rich noted. You can have a series of parallel Beaus lines that create the effect of rippled nails or bumpy nails if you experienced multiple episodes of stress.

Course of action: If you cant link your deep horizontal ridges to a specific episode in your life, ask your doctor what the cause could be.

Vertical ridges are usually just a part of aging. If you want to cover them up, dont buff, but use a ridge filler.

Wear Gloves When Doing Housework

This might not be something youd think about on a daily basis, but excessive exposure to water and harsh chemicals might wreak havoc on your nails and worsen already-ridged nails. Plus, think about how often you wash your hands.

Wearing gloves with housework or any wet work will prevent excessive influx and effluent of water into the nail, Stern notes. Water absorption can weaken the bonds between nail cells, causing peeling, ridging, and breakage.

Take care of your nails and the environment with these reusable and biodegradable household gloves.

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Nail Fungus And Yellow Nails

Nails that crumble and break, turn yellow, or begin to smell may signal a fungal infection, also known as onychomycosis, which can affect fingers or toes. You may have picked up the toenail fungus in a public pool or locker room any place that’s moist and warm. Have your nails inspected by a doctor who can confirm the diagnosis and recommend treatment, either with an anti-fungal cream or a course of oral antifungal medication. Frequent fungal infections may indicate a weakened immune system, a health problem like diabetes, or poor circulation. To prevent toenail fungus, keep your feet clean and dry, and wear shoes or sandals in public places.

Stay Away From Gel/dip

Do You Have These Vertical Ridges On Your Nails?-Palmistry

Be judicious with gel and powder dip nail trends. Sure, the polish lasts for weeks, and it seems to make nails harder and less prone to breakage while you are wearing it, Shainhouse allows. But these kinds of polish trends might ultimately damage your nail plate.

Its not that gel necessarily makes ridges worse its really the damage nails undergo during the removal process that strips nails of oils and keratin. Usually, a long soak in acetone is required for a soak-off gel to be removed, and that amount of acetone exposure will exacerbate brittle nails, Stern says. Other methods of removal, such as aggressive scraping or filing, can also damage the nail but in other ways.

Check ingredients: If the product requires removal, it is by definition a polish and not a treatment, and therefore it might exacerbate the issue.

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Do Beaus Lines Go Away

The good news about Beaus lines is that theyll eventually go away. If theyre the result of one-time trauma, the nail will eventually grow out and the lines will disappear. Nails grow at roughly three millimeters per month, so it may take a few weeks or even months before you notice your Beaus lines have vanished completely. Should the dents be the result of some kind of mineral deficiency, you can most likely take a supplement to get your bodys levels where they need to be. That said, consult a doctor before taking any new supplements.

What They Mean About Your Health

After a lot of research, I did find that there is a small, rare possibility that those ridges can mean an underlying medical condition or possibly even nail trauma, but for most of us, its completely normal as we age to see them getting more noticeable, especially if you have dry skin or skin conditions such as eczema.

Im 36, and theyve only recently started bothering me, but Im relieved to find that they are most likely harmless. Im just getting old. : )

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Improving Health And Removing Lines

When you seek treatment for the underlying health problem that has caused ridges in your toenails, the ridges should disappear. Take note of any other changes in your nails in the future, such as discoloration, nail shape or nails separating from the nail bed. Following American nutrition guidelines, seeking at least 20 to 30 minutes of physical activity a few times per week and managing your chronic health problems should prevent future toenail problems. If ridging persists, talk to your doctor again.


Opi Crystal Nail File

Lines On Fingernails? What Does It Mean

Keeping your hands hydrated, especially in the winter months, is also key. “Oils are a must for nails because they absorb so effectively at both the cuticle and nail plate,” says Stern, who developed her own three-step nail system for healthier nails, including an oil with sunflower and coconut to combat brittleness. “Just like we care for dry, over-processed hair, we need to treat our nails with the right products to keep them healthy and beautiful.” Try switching to a non-acetone-based nail polish remover, like this one from Rooted Woman.

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What Vitamin Deficiency Causes Vertical Lines In Fingernails

Our nails naturally develop slight vertical ridges as we age. However, severe and raised ridges can be a sign of iron deficiency anemia. Nutritional deficiencies, such as a lack of vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin B12 or keratin can result in fingernail ridges. Hormonal changes can also cause ridges to appear.

What Vitamin Deficiency Causes Ridges In Fingernails

Fingernails can say a lot about your health condition beginning from thyroid to kidney problems. However, have you ever asked what vitamin deficiency causes ridges in fingernails and why ridges are formed in fingernails? If not then it is time to know as fingernail ridges are a replica of what your health is.

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The Difference Between Vertical And Horizontal Ridges In Nails

Vertical ridges in nails

Vertical ridges on the nails are pretty common and are usually benign, meaning that they do not signal that anything is wrong. Running from your cuticle to the tip of your nail, these ridges are generally a sign of aging, and as such, can become more pronounced the older you get.

Some people are also more likely to have ridges in their nails based on their genes and environmental factors like their diet and how they use their hands.

If you have vertical ridges, you may also notice that the nails undergo other changes, such as:

  • Thickening or thinning
  • Forming fissures, and
  • Breaking frequently

In some cases, vertical ridges may be a sign of rheumatoid arthritis or peripheral vascular disease.

Horizontal ridges in nails

Horizontal ridges are usually a greater cause for concern. Called Beau’s lines, these horizontal ridges or indentations typically show up if there has been trauma to the nail or an underlying problem with your health. If there is one horizontal line that looks like an indentation, it usually means there was trauma. Often, these lines only appear on one nail.

You will need to be more concerned about a horizontal line if it occurs on multiple fingers or multiple ridges appear on one nail without an apparent cause. The appearance of horizontal ridges on numerous fingers may be a sign of chronic disease or systemic illness.

Illnesses that can cause horizontal or Beau’s lines include:

  • Acute kidney failure
  • Malnutrition


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