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What Can I Do For Brittle Nails

Does Everyone Experience Brittle Nails


Brittle nails tend to impact people more as they age, Dr. Keskinen says. Our nails grow a little slower as we get older. Since it takes longer to grow out, the nail has more exposure to dry air, water and sanitizers.

Dr. Keskinen says women tend to experience split, cracked and broken nails more often than men, probably for two reasons: Women use more nail cosmetics, and men typically keep their nails too short to experience breakage

Resist The Urge To Pick Or Peel

Just as you’re not supposed to pick at your face when you have a breakout, it’s best if you leave your fingers alone when your nails are breaking or your polish is peeling. “Try to keep a keratin-based strengthener or serum handy and apply it whenever you notice damage,” suggests Thompson. “Replace the picking habit with self-care.”

If you have gel or dip nails, avoid picking, peeling, or pulling the artificial nail off. This is not only potentially painful but can damage your nails. To safely remove them, you must soak them in an acetone solution. The acetone solution can dry out your nails, but it wont damage your nails as much as pulling off the gel or dip nails. The American Academy of Dermatology Association says that soak-off gel nails will actually cause less peeling and brittleness to your natural nails than acrylic nails, however. You can also consider getting artificial nails only for special occasions to let your nails recover in between.;

If you have gel nails or dip nails, however, be aware that acetone-free nail polish wont remove them. Only pure acetone is strong enough to dissolve the artificial layer. If you have artificial nails and soak them off using pure acetone, make sure you use an oil or other hydrating lotion afterward to prevent them from getting brittle and breaking.;

Eat More Foods That Promote Strong Nails

Avoid yo-yo dieting, which can lead to vitamin deficiencies that may put the strength of your nails in jeopardy. Make sure you eat enough protein and calcium too, which are thought to promote nail health, says Robin Evans, MD, Connecticut-based board-certified dermatologist and clinical instructor at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Loading up on biotin-rich foods, such as veggies, eggs, and nuts, may also help.

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Home Remedies To Strengthen Brittle Nails

In this article:

Everyone desires strong, smooth nails on their fingers and toes. However, various factors can turn the nails brittle and textured.

This condition, medically known as onychoschizia, is categorized by thin, soft or dry, cracking, and splitting nails that can break off easily and have a slow growth rate.

While it is a common symptom of aging, it can often result from health problems such as nutritional deficiencies.

Attractive Hair And Nails Are A Sign Of Health

Beauty 911: How to Fix Brittle Nails and Strengthen Them ...

It’s not just about vanity; the appearance of both hair and nails is a barometer of your internal health. No matter what issues you are experiencing, it’s important to address nutrition first. Include quality protein, healthy fat, and vegetable and fruit carbohydrates at each meal and snack. Reduce processed and sugary food consumption because those foods contribute to nutritional deficiencies that lead to poor hair and nail health. It may be necessary to complement nutritious eating with supplements, depending on your individual needs. Taking these steps will not only give you strong nails and shiny hair, but will assure of you optimal overall health as well.

Learn more about hair and nail health with these free resources:

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Remove Gel Polish And Acrylics Correctly

Okay, so technically this isn’t a repair tip, but do this first and it can save you from having to deal with a lot of potential problems. First and foremost, repeat after us: I will not pick off a gel manicure.

“Picking off gel is probably the worst thing you can do to your nails,” says celebrity manicurist;Geraldine Holford. “The immediate effects are harming the nail plate because you’re removing the top layers of the actual nail along with your polish,” she explains.

“The long-term effects are thinning of the nails, harm to the nail bed, and irregularities on the nail plate and in growth patterns.” No thank you.

ORLY’s Senior Product Testing Manager, Kelly Bannon agrees, adding that even if you soak your nails to remove the polish, you can still damage your nails if not soaked long enough or if the topcoat barrier is not broken, prohibiting the remove to reach all the gel layers. She strongly recommends having your gels removed by a professional top prevent any damage.

Pro;tip: Whether you’re having gel or dip removed, ask your tech to cover your hands in hot towels while your nails are wrapped up in the acetone-soaked cotton pads; the heat will help speed up the process, explains Sarah Gibson Tuttle, founder and CEO of;Olive & June.

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Always Apply Base And Top Coats

Base and top coats are especially helpful when your nails are on the weaker side because they provide your nails with an additional protective barrier from things like dehydration and breakage, says Dr. Evans. Essies Grow Stronger Base Coat leaves nails nourished and protected, for example, while the brands Good to Go Top Coat protects your mani from chipping and peeling.

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Ways To Strengthen Dog Nails To Prevent Cracks And Splits

Strengthen dog nails starting now if your dog experiences cracked, split, or brittle nails.

Recently we talked about treating torn dog nails and how to prevent that.

Today, well go into a little more detail on how to strengthen dog nails, because strong nails dont tear or break nearly as often.

There are things you can do to strengthen your dogs nails, but as I always say, they should all be done in conjunction with your vet for maximum efficacy and safety.

Dont forget to read our detailed guide about dog nail problems & treatments as well as dog nail fungus.

Got Thin Peeling Or Cracked Nails Here Are 6 Reasons Why


Getting a manicure is one of the best ways to pamper yourself but if your nails are thin, peeling, and cracked, one of the most enjoyable experiences becomes anything but. After all, nails that arent in tip-top shape arent exactly #ManiMonday worthy. Or, if youre a guy or the naked nail type it can be frustrating, or even embarrassing, to have nails that look so distraught. And youre not alone! According to medical research, nearly 20% of the world population suffers from weak, brittle nails. But why the heck are your nails breaking so easily?

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Recommendations Against Brittle Nails

If youre tired of brittle nails, read our advice. Wash the dishes with gloves and, if possible, no more than once a day: Dish soap and warm water are poison for your hands and nails.

The chemical ingredients and the hot water make the nails soft and brittle. You can first soak the dishes in the sink in hot water with dish soap. This way, leftover food can be removed much easier and faster later.

You should always have latex gloves ready and wear cotton gloves underneath so that the moisture soaks up and the nails are cared for.

  • Eat more protein: Both nails and hair are made up of protein. Protein can be found in meat, leafy vegetables, and soy.
  • Eat more fatty acids:; These are also very important for strong and healthy nails. You can find these in eggs, whole milk, nuts, all vegetables, butter, and linseed oil.
  • Fix your nails right away:; If your nails break frequently, its best to keep them short. If the nails break, they should be repaired immediately. You can file them and put on a small bandage.

You Dont Have Enough Vitamin B7

Sometimes, breaking nails is caused by a vitamin or nutrient deficiency. The most common one is vitamin B7, and theres a water-soluble version you might have heard of: Biotin. Its important for the health of your hair, skin, and nails, which is you may have heard of it specifically when it comes to these types of supplements marketed toward women. Theres validity there: Biotin helps our body to convert the food we eat into glucose, which is what our body uses to produce energy. Biotin also helps us create the building blocks of protein ;fatty acids and amino acids and activate the metabolism in the roots of our hair and the cells of our nails.

The fix: Another easy solution add a biotin supplement to your daily vitamin routine. The daily dose to treat brittle nails is 2.5-5 mg a day, and there are tons of options out there, from traditional horse pills to sugary gummies.

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Remember You Are What You Eat

Like so much of our outward appearancefrom how clear our skin is to how shiny our hair isour nail health begins with the nutrients we put in our body. “Eating a well-balanced diet as well as increasing your biotin intake is your best bet for helping to strengthen your nails,” explains registered dietitian Melissa Bailey, MS, RD, LDD of The Nourished Fork. “Biotin is a B vitamin found in a variety of foods.”

Bailey notes the highest amounts of biotin are found in animal proteins, like eggs, chicken, and salmon. However, you can also consume biotin in plant-based foods including nuts, seeds, spinach, and sweet potatoes. “For comparison, an egg yolk contains approximately 10 micrograms of biotin while a serving of spinach has seven micrograms,” says Bailey. “I always recommend getting any vitamin and mineral naturally from your diet, as your body absorbs them better from diet than in a supplement form.”

Consider Popping Biotin Supplements


Its yet to be proven without a doubt, but biotin may help to strengthen hair and nails. Because its water-soluble, it isnt stored by the body, so you have to ensure that you consume it daily, says Dr. Solomon.

Generally, most adults should be getting 30 micrograms of biotin daily, according to the National Institutes of Health. The typical recommended supplemental dose is roughly up to 3,000 mcg daily for six months, according to the Cleveland Clinic, but your doctor may recommend less or more, depending on your personal health.

If theres no improvement in nail strength by that time, odds are biotin is unlikely to be helpful. But if your nails do become stronger and you decide to make biotin supplementation a regular thing, make sure you stop taking them a few days before getting any lab tests done, as large amounts of biotin in your system can skew test results.

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When To See A Doctor

It is best to seek medical opinion for brittle nails if they appear suddenly or are accompanied by:

  • Thinning or thickening of the nails
  • Nails separating from the surrounding skin
  • Pain or swelling around the nails
  • Nongrowth of nails
  • What measures can I take to help improve my nail health?
  • Do I need to take medications?
  • Do I need to make dietary changes?
  • What can be the cause of the nail brittleness?
  • Do you have other symptoms such as lethargy, fatigue, or fever?
  • Are you diabetic?

Apply Cuticle Oil Daily

Cuticle care is always a good idea, problem nails or not. That’s because dehydrated, frayed cuticles can lead to damaged nailbeds and infection if they’re left untreated ; rehydrating and moisturizing that surrounding skin is key for top-notch nail care. Add a cuticle oil to your daily routine: Many options include fatty acids and vitamins that nourish the nails and fill in any micro-cracks in the skin.;

While using the dropper daily is enough to keep nails healthy, chief educator of Paintbox Evelyn;Lim says you can use a cuticle oil up to three times a day if your tips are feeling especially dehydrated . “Apply cuticle oil at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Why not?”;

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Going Short Can Strengthen Nails

“Whether you realize it or not, when you have long nails you’re constantly hitting them on your keyboard, the door, you name it. People underestimate how much of an impact this has,” says Tuttle.

Keep your nails short and give them a chance to grow out stronger and healthier than before. The other upshot: Nails that aren’t in great shape look healthier when they’re shorter, adds Holford.

Bannon adds that giving yourself a mini “manicure” even if it’s just as simple as filing your nails every two to four days can prevent breakage and snags. If your nails are really in need of some T.L.C., repeat these manis for two to four weeks to see results and stronger nails.

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Brittle Toenails: Home Remedies

5 Tips to Get Rid of Brittle Nails – Dr Lucas Fustinoni Brasil

Home remedies can go a long way in aiding the treatment and easing the appearance of unsightly nails. Home remedies for brittle toenails include:

  • Always keeping your toenails clean
  • Trim your toenails regularly and properly
  • Apply a hardener to the toenail to keep it strong
  • Make sure you moisturize your toenails to keep them moist. Good moisturizers include coconut oil or almond oil
  • If toenails are dry, try soaking them, and apply a moisturizer when done
  • Ensure you are eating a diet rich in vitamins and nutrients. If your diet is missing essential vitamins, then consider taking a multivitamin
  • Avoid chemicals on your toenails
  • Wear fitted shoes, but not too fitted where your toenail becomes crushed or hits the front of the shoe. An ill-fitting shoe causes your toes to bang up against the front of the shoe
  • Follow instructions on antifungal creams if prescribed or recommended

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What Is A Nail Split

Brittle nails on fingers or toes are also called nail split ends, as the nails break off, similar to split ends on hair.;The hair splinters there.

There are;two different types;:

  • Onychorrhexis : The brittle nail tears in a longitudinally fibrous manner, vertically from the nails free edge.
  • Onychoschisis : The nail plate splinters in layers, horizontally from the edge.

Both forms of nail split can be caused by repeated moisture penetration and drying of the hands and fingernails and systemic diseases.

A knowledgeable doctor can often deduce possible causes from the type of nail change.

What Can I Do To Strengthen My Nails

Do you frequently wash your hands or do the dishes? Nails that fluctuate between wet and dry environments can become brittle. In fact, the most common reason for brittle nails is that they simply dried out.

If you want to strengthen your nails, there are several easy and inexpensive options:

  • Moisturize. Try a dedicated nail oil or a hand lotion with alpha hydroxy acid or lanolin. If nails are soft but brittle, they may be too moist so cut back on the moisturizer.
  • Limit manicures. To strengthen brittle nails, limit the number of manicures to avoid subjecting nails to the chemicals in nail polish and polish removers. Especially avoid acetone-based nail polish removers. For soft, brittle nails, a layer of polish may actually help.
  • Avoid alcohol-based sanitizers. Hand sanitizers are a convenient way to keep the germs away when soap and water arent available. But alcohol can dry out your nails and skin.
  • Get a paraffin wax bath. As an indulgent nail treatment, an at-home paraffin wax bath soothes and moisturizes nails and hands. Soak your hands in the bath for 10 to 20 minutes; then give the wax time to dry before peeling it off.
  • Wear gloves. When washing dishes or doing housework, wear rubber gloves to protect your fingernails.

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Take A Collagen Or Biotin Supplement

“Pay attention to your diet,” explains Amy Lin, the founder of sundaysa nail care brand focused on wellness. “Your nails are made of proteins and naturally need a lot of vitamins.” Specifically, your nails consist of keratin, so it’s important to make sure you’re getting your fill of keratin-building amino acids. Two of the most popular are biotin and collagen, as they tend to be the most effective in supporting nail health.*

First up: Biotin has been shown to support thickness and firmness of nails in several human studies.* One study, in particular, found that those who took biotin supplements had 25% thicker nailbeds than the placebo group.* In terms of collagen, another study showed that when patients took collagen daily for 24 weeks, their nail health was better maintained, including faster growth rates, reduced breakage, and improved appearance.*

Why Are My Nails Getting Brittle And Breaking

Simple Ways to Treat Brittle Nails

Basically brittle nails can be divided into dry and brittle and soft and brittle . The usual cause is repeated wetting and drying of the fingernails. This makes them dry and brittle. This is often worse in low humidity and in the winter .

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